Cancer risk with permanent straightening of hair

The latest published phase of the study called “The Sister Study,” conducted by the National Cancer Institute in the context of the American Health Institute (NIH), revealed the effect of permanent hair straightening on female cancers. The study published by the National Cancer Institute noted that for the first time in the world, the effect of permanent hair straightening on cancer in women was revealed. Accordingly, the risk of cervical cancer doubles in women who do permanent straightening more than 4 times a year, such as Brazilian and American blow-drying and keratin straightening. Evaluating this important study in which more than 34 thousand women were followed for 11 years, Gynecological Oncology Specialist Assoc. Dr Taylan Şenol said hormone-disrupting chemicals such as parabens, bisphenol A, various metals and formaldehyde in permanent hair straighteners disrupt the balance of estrogen hormone and cause estrogen-related female cancers. Noting that using high-heat forceps during the procedure also facilitates absorption of these substances from the scalp, Assoc states. Dr. Şenol noted that, according to the study, cervical cancer was found in one in 42 women who had undergone this procedure. According to the research, the risk of developing endometrial cancer increases in women who undergo this procedure even once a year. Hairdresser of 25, Alper Damdelen, emphasized that “formaldehyde” is not included in the new generation of permanent hair straighteners, and that some products that women easily buy from the Internet to make themselves at home are dangerous.


associate Dr. Şenol stated that the results of this study are very important because it spreads over a very long time with a very large sample, saying: “This is a very important, very large study conducted by the researchers at the American National Cancer Society. Institute According to this study, in which 34 thousand women were followed for 11 years, mainly permanently, it was found that the use of hair straighteners, the use of hair straighteners containing paraphenylenediamine (PPD), parabens, formaldehyde and substances that cause estrogen secretion seriously increase the cancer of the endometrium Women who undergo this procedure more than 4 times a year are at high risk. The hot forceps cause the scalp to heat up, increasing blood flow here, allowing more carcinogens to be absorbed by the body.


Noting that the same research team, as part of the ‘The Sister Study’ study, obtained results last year that permanent hair dye increases the risk of ovarian cancer, Assoc states. Dr. Şenol said: “The carcinogenic effects of these substances in different parts of the gynecological organs were also examined. The same team conducted such a study on ovarian cancer a year ago and the same sample group was evaluated in that study. Dyes and bleaches increase the blood sugar levels. risk of ovarian cancer. It has been noted that while permanent hair straighteners seriously increase the risk of uterine cancer. Even if he has it done once a year, the risk increases again,” he said.


Noting that several chemicals cause estrogen-sensitive cancers because they disrupt the estrogen balance in the body, Assoc. Dr Şenol continued his words as follows: “We do not know exactly how these chemicals cause cancer. But they seem to be more effective in hormone-dependent cancers. What do hormone-dependent cancers mean, for example breast cancer, endometrial cancer, that is, endometrial cancer and ovarian cancer. In other words Hormones have an effect on these cancers, so these chemicals cause an estrogen imbalance in the body by causing an increase in the female hormone, which we call estrogen. This estrogen imbalance causes an increase in these cancers over the years. Although it was found that the endometrial cancer that develops due to estrogen, which we call type 1, which is sensitive to hormone, increased more, the same increase was not seen in type 2 uterine cancer, which is not very related to estrogen. cervical cancer.In this study, there is an association between cervical cancer and these substances. a relationship has not been evaluated. “I cancer is not a hormone-sensitive cancer as far as we know.”


Hairdresser Alper Damdelen explained that permanent hair straightening has been done in Turkey for 10-15 years and gave the following information: “Permanent straightening is a technique we use to make women’s lives easier and to keep their hair for longer. period straightening Brazilian and American blow drying permanent straightening keratin it has many names such as botox straightening The first version known as keratin straightening existed in Turkey for about 15 years Until the last 5-6 years this application was widely used. But for the last 5-6 years, we call it “botox straightening”, not keratin. We prefer a more harmless version made with formaldehyde-free products. Unfortunately, some women can buy the previous version, which contains formaldehyde or harmful chemicals. on the internet or from some sellers because it’s cheaper Because it’s cheaper they prefer it because they can easily get it in their own home can apply. But we certainly don’t recommend it. During the process, we first clean the hair of all residues with a special shampoo. The product we call hair rejuvenation, what we call keratin botox, we apply to the hair. After 20-25 minutes of waiting, we blow-dry the hair neatly. Then we perform hot straightening over the hair dryer with the hair straightener, which we call a press. With this intense heat, a long-lasting, permanent straightness in the hair is achieved.”


24-year-old Aynur Hürmuz explained that she had her first permanent straightener 2 years ago: “I had it done a few times, it was beautiful and gave my hair shine. That’s why I chose it. No need to blow-drying every day. But I didn’t know it was harmful to health.” Seda Solak, on the other hand, said, “I had it done today. Honestly it’s more comfortable to use not to mess with it every morning. I don’t have to use a blow dryer every day. I had it did it two or three years. I certainly didn’t know it was harmful.”

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