Caravan guide: Curiosities about isolated holidays

The interest of those who want to have an isolated holiday in Turkey has increased in caravans. So how much are the rental, purchase and running costs of caravans? Where are the caravan parks? Here’s everything you’re wondering about caravans…

One of the important things that the consumer who is going to buy or rent a caravan should know the caravan types. Which of these types, which are divided in two as trailer and motorhome, is chosen depends on both the need and whether you have your own vehicle. Those who want to drive their own vehicle and be able to tow a caravan behind the engine power of their vehicle usually prefer O1 class caravans that weigh less than 750 kilograms.
Those who do not want to use their private vehicle can currently rent a caravan with the vehicle from some corporate companies. Another solution, a motorhome, is the name given to the way in which the rear part of minivan-type vehicles is converted into caravans and used for this purpose. These types of vehicles can be used commercially, such as movie sets, as well as for holidays.
Vehicles converted or purchased from a panel van to a caravan can be driven with a B driving license, as long as their total weight with the added equipment does not exceed 3,500 kilograms. Vehicles with a maximum payload of more than 3 thousand 500 kilograms that are used in freight transport are considered lorries by law and may be used with a C driving license, not with a B class. For this reason, most vehicles that are converted into motorhomes are kept below this weight.
In the trailer, the situation is similarly based on weight. Caravans are classified as semi-trailers. Those with a license of one of the classes B, C, D can use light trailers with a laden weight of 750 kilograms or less. If the weight with the load is more than 750 kilograms, it becomes mandatory to obtain a caravan license, which is classified as BE class.
Motor vehicle tax (MTV), which is paid annually, is also paid depending on both age and engine volume.
There are no special barriers where caravan owners park their vehicles. In all regions where there is no parking ban for standard vehicles, there is no obstacle to stopping the caravan and sleeping at night. However, it is necessary to use the caravan parks in different regions of Turkey to supply the vehicle with electricity, fill the water tanks, find food and drink and use the toilet.
As the weight of the vehicles increases, so will the power and fuel required by the engine to meet this weight. Experts say that every 50 kilograms of weight added to the average car increases fuel consumption by about 2 percent. Of course, as the weight increases with the materials added to the RV converted panel vans and rear chassis, fuel economy will increase accordingly. A 750 kilogram caravan attached to the back of a standard car consumes approximately 30 percent extra fuel. With this calculation, the consumption of a vehicle that consumes an average of 7 liters per 100 kilometers can rise to 9 liters for a caravan of 750 kilos.
Especially with the arrival of the summer months, the Aegean and the Mediterranean have become popular regions. Regions like Cunda, Kaş, Fethiye Ölüdeniz, Asos, Kuşadası, Datça, Dalyan, Burdur Salda Lake, İzmir Foça and Olympos are among the summer holiday regions that attract the attention of such holidaymakers with both their caravan parks and their tranquility. In addition, holiday regions such as Bolu Yedigöller, Igneada, Artvin Borcka and Cappadocia are attracting attention as the regions in which caravan holidaymakers and camping enthusiasts are interested.

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