Carraro Big 2920 Review | Features, weight and rims

If you want to experience moments of adventure by pedaling in the middle of nature, the Carraro Big 2920 is an ideal option for you. This powerful and durable bike is destined to steal the hearts of mountain bikers.

Carraro Big 2920 attracts attention with its aluminum frame. In this way, it has both a light structure and long-term use. The stainless property of aluminum ensures that your bike will last for years. When carrying or riding this bike, its lightness and robustness give you an incredible feeling of freedom.

Carraro Big 2920 features

Gear 20
type brake Hydraulic disc brake
Edge 29 inches

Carraro Big 2920 mountain bike

The performance of the Carraro Big 2920 will not impress you either. Equipped with the Shimano Deore gear system, this bike offers smooth and seamless shifting. It offers both strong support on steep climbs and safe control on fast falls. So you feel comfortable even in the harsh conditions of the mountains.

The comfort of the Carraro Big 2920 cannot be ignored either. The Rockshox Judy RL 100mm handlebar lockout fork is designed to optimize the riding experience. You can reduce vibration by using the shock absorber on hard floors, or use your energy more efficiently by locking the fork on flat floors.

Here are all the details on the Carraro Big 2920 Mountain Bike;

Features of the Carraro Big 2920 Mountain Bike

The Carraro Big 2920 is an excellent option for mountain bike enthusiasts. Thanks to the aluminum frame, it has a light structure and is easier to carry than steel frames. In addition, aluminum material offers durability with its rust-free property. The approximate weight of the bicycle is approximately 15 kg, but this value may vary depending on the equipment and frame size.

With its 29 inch wheels and 52 cm frame length, it is an ideal choice for taller users. 29-inch wheels represent a larger wheel diameter of 73.6 cm. The frame length of 52 cm indicates the height of the bike from the ground. Generally suitable for users 180-185 cm and taller, but may vary depending on leg length and preference.

Carraro Big 2920 Mountain bike equipment

Shimano Deore M5100 – M4100 2X1 shift levers and Shimano Deore M4120 Shadow M6025 20-speed rear riser are used as gear sets. The chainring is two-piece and has a 10-tooth system on the rear ruble. Shimano Deore M4100 36X26T crankset and 10 gear system rubs provide a very smooth transition to keep performance alive. With this gear set you can have 20 different gears.

Carraro Big 2920 hydraulic braking system

The Shimano M4100 hydraulic disc brake system offers safe braking performance. Hydraulic brakes are preferred for their shorter braking distance, comfort and long life. The movement of the brake lever is transmitted to the discs by oil pressure. This system ensures a safer and shorter braking distance compared to other braking systems. It provides a safer driving experience on both wet and dry road surfaces.

Carraro Big 2920 Handlebar and Shock Absorber

The steering wheel (steering wheel) of the Carraro Big 2920 is equipped with a RockShox Judy model shock absorber system. The locking fork function of this system allows you to use your energy more efficiently in situations where a shock absorber is not needed, such as asphalt or flat ground. The fork lock allows you to use your energy more effectively.

Carraro Big 2920 tire and brake

Carraro Grand 2920

Schwalbe 29X2.25 Rapid Rob tires impress with their width in terms of grip. Designed on an aluminum semi-integrated hydroformed frame, the Carraro Big 2920 has superior features such as Rockshox Judy RL 100mm steerer fork, Shimano Deore M4120 rear derailleur and Deore M5100 2×10 shifter. Shimano M4100 is the preferred braking system and offers safer braking performance.

Carraro Grand 2920 Installation

The product will be shipped to your address with the original sealed box, 90% assembled. You can get free installation by taking the closed box you received from the load to the authorized Carraro service without opening it. You can find the authorized service list on the Carraro website.

Carraro Grand 2920 Wheels

The wheels are made of Shimano MT500 double-layer aluminum and have a strong construction. Although the aluminum material is known for its lightness, it also attracts attention due to its durability. This way it performs reliably even in difficult mountain conditions.

The 29-inch rim diameter refers to the size of the Carraro Big 2920 rims. A larger rim diameter provides a smoother ride and better handling on flat surfaces. At the same time, it increases the ability to overcome obstacles and allows you to get over the mountain bike more comfortably.

Carraro Big 2920 Wheel meets the expectations of mountain bike enthusiasts with its durable structures and superior performance. Suitable for both amateur and experienced cyclists, this set of wheels will accompany you on any journey you want to explore in the mountains.

Carraro Big 2920 features

Frame material Aluminium
Weight 15kg
Squad length 21 inches – 51 cm
Front Shock Absorber Locked shock absorber

Carraro Grand 2920 Plow

The Carraro Big 2920 Frame is an option that offers superior performance and durability for mountain bike enthusiasts. The semi-integrated hydroformed aluminum material frame has a light and robust structure.

The aluminum frame stands out because it is lighter than the steel frames. This makes the bike easier to transport and more comfortable to maneuver. At the same time, since the aluminum material is stainless, it offers long-term use.

Carraro Big 2920 Frame is notable for its 1.1/8″ semi-integrated, hydroformed smooth weld design. This design gives the frame a smooth and aesthetic appearance. It also increases the strength and durability of the frame.

The frame size of 52 cm is suitable for medium to high users. This height represents the ground clearance of the bike. It may vary depending on leg length and user preference, but is generally preferred by users who are 6-6” and taller.

Carraro Grand 2920

Is Carraro Big 2920 for sale?

Given its features and performance, the Carraro Big 2920 is definitely an option for mountain bike enthusiasts to consider. Manufactured by a trusted brand, Carraro, this bike is equipped with several premium features.

First of all, the aluminum frame of the Carraro Big 2920 attracts attention for its lightness and durability. Aluminum material increases the mobility of the bike while ensuring durability. The rust-free feature is also an important advantage in long-term use.

The wheelset of the Carraro Big 2920 consists of Shimano MT500 double-layer aluminum wheels. These wheels are strong and durable, while at the same time having a diameter of 29 inches and providing a better driving experience on a flat surface. Schwalbe 29X2.25 Rapid Rob tires, on the other hand, have a wide structure that increases handling and comfort.

The shifting system is equipped with Shimano Deore M5100-M4100 2×10 shifters and Shimano Deore M4120 Shadow M6025 20-speed rear riser. This gear set provides smooth and precise shifting, so you can pedal comfortably on different surfaces.

The braking system of the Carraro Big 2920 consists of Shimano M4100 hydraulic disc brakes. Hydraulic brakes provide strong braking power and a short braking distance. It provides safe braking performance on both wet and dry surfaces.

In addition, it is possible to optimize the riding experience thanks to the RockShox Judy RL 100mm handlebar lockout fork. This feature provides an option to use or disable the damper system depending on ground conditions.

The Carraro Big 2920 is a mountain bike from a reliable brand, equipped with quality components and distinguished by its performance. However, the choice of bike comes down to personal preferences. If you enjoy riding your mountain bike over rough terrain and are looking for a bike with superior features, the Carraro Big 2920 is the right choice for you.

Carraro Big 2920 User Reviews

Carraro Grand 2920

👤 Arrived in a very short time. The packaging is very good. I received it without any problems. I took it to the authorized service as soon as I received it, the combination and settings were made, we tried it right away, great price, performance is very good. P**** O***

👤 The product is perfect, it goes very well, I had 2 models from 2019 and I could not find this comfort in them. ME****

👤 The bike is very nice, one of the best bikes for sale in this price range R***** K****

👤 Nice successful bike. I have no problems while using it. The mountain progresses without hesitation. Gear shifters are also very sensitive, I can use them comfortably. R**** A****

👤 Be careful I think the colors come depending on your luck, they may come in white blue or something like that, beware, I bought white red, neon green black color came, it’s ok for me, of course, black colors not I don’t have zoom forks, but if they replace them, it’s not too bad. The bike does not absorb any energy that way, even though it has a middle shock absorber. Distance school etc. Come and go, the brakes are perfect, but the saddle is terrible, you ride for 10 minutes, it’s annoying. T*** D***

👤 First, the bike is fine. I’m definitely a 1 year old user, maybe the old model, but it’s a lot of fun. Now I will pay more money and buy another bike, but if you are going to buy this very nice bike, don’t think about it. I always used it in the city, I used to do 70 km a day, I occasionally rode in mountainous places in summer and I once inflated the inner tube and changed it because of my own fault, don’t worry about those he doesn’t know how to drive. I o*****

How much does the Carraro Big 2920 bike weigh?

The average weight of the Carraro Big 2920 bicycle is 15 kilograms. The bicycle, which can be easily moved from one place to another, will not cause you any problems with its ergonomic structure.

For which rides is the Carraro Big 2920 bike suitable?

The Carraro Big 2920 is a bike suitable for both asphalt and mountain riding. Since the tires are fat, it may tire you a little while driving on the asphalt road, but it gives confidence even on the asphalt road. It will perform better on mountain roads.

Which country’s brand is Carraro?

Carraro has been produced since 2011 at Accel Group’s factory in Manisa Organized Industrial Zone. It is an Italian brand, but is also produced in Turkey. The factory, where 400 people work, has an average size of 37,000 square meters. It produces 500,000 bicycles annually.

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