Cerebral Angiography Procedure

What is cerebral angiography and how is it done?

Cerebral angiography (cerebral angiography)

Under local anesthesia, a thin catheter is inserted through the groin artery, and a contrast agent (a special medical dye) is injected into the vessels of the brain and neck, and pictures of these vessels are taken.

How long does a cerebral angiography take?

Mentioned in the treatment of a cerebral aneurysm. As a rule, in addition to the groin vein, the arm (axillary) and hand vein (radial) are also included. The processing time varies between 15 and 45 minutes.

Is the patient anesthetized during brain angiography?

If the angiographer agrees, the patient is discharged and sent home to bed rest. The patient spends the evening of the angiography day in bed. There’s no harm in eating and drinking after you’re discharged from the hospital.

Neurology Specialist Assoc. Dr. The angiography method developed by Gökhan Özdemir for the blockages in the thin veins that feed the brain and are more difficult to reach and in the vital area has entered the world medical literature. With this method used in Turkey, patients are prevented from having permanent obstacles with a 10-minute intervention. Explaining that this method has become widespread in Turkey, Assoc. Dr. Gökhan Özdemir said cerebral palsy, known as stroke or cerebrovascular disease, is a condition caused by the obstruction of the blood vessels that supply the brain and is the most common cause of disability and disability in the world.

Cerebral vascular occlusion is the most common cause of death after a heart attack

Associate Dr. Gökhan Özdemir emphasized the vital importance of early intervention, saying: “This is an emergency in our neurology. Because if that cerebral artery occlusion continues, that person could be permanently bedridden in the future and need help from someone else. Even cerebral vascular occlusions that we currently see as the second leading cause of death in our country and in the world. Cerebral vascular disease, that is, the most common cause of death after heart attacks, is cerebrovascular occlusion. The situation is an emergency. Within the first few seconds, after the blood vessel bleeds, the brain cells immediately begin to die.” These veins need to be opened urgently and quickly. We see this paralysis improve dramatically, especially in the first six hours, especially in patients who are delivered quickly. Through a special closed method, the angio method, we can reach the cerebral arteries by removing the clot in those clogged arteries and cleaning them successfully. “These operations In order for the patient to have a stroke, it is necessary to transport the stroke patients, who are located in many places in our country, in a fast and urgent way, who are on 24/7 duty.

“We have seen that by reaching the more extreme branches of the brain, the paralysis is resolved in many patients by opening the vessel”

He explains that the difficult and critically clogged blood vessels that supply the brain are opened with the method he developed, Assoc. Dr. Gökhan Özdemir said: “In the world and in our country, these vascular occlusions are usually made in the large main arteries that supply the brain where the intervention is performed. However, it is not a situation where the veins in the veins are generally intervened. harder-to-reach, more extreme areas that feed the brain. However, when these small, hard-to-reach blood vessels that feed these strategic areas that feed the brain are blocked, it can cause severe disability in patients. In this publication he made in the literature, we saw that the more extreme branches of the brain, which are difficult to reach, were reached, and in many patients, the paralysis was cured by opening the vessel again. In this way, we have made and accepted our publication as the first publication in literature. We have shown that the brain is accessible and can be intervened in hard-to-reach, more curved areas n, more extreme areas.”

“Battle centers are world standards, even above world standards”

Özdemir warned the citizens: “You can have your mother, father, and brother with you. When there is a loss of strength in his arm or leg, a slip in his mouth, that is, a paralysis situation, 112 should be called immediately without waiting. Friends on duty at 112 will transport our patients to the relevant centers quickly. There are enough stroke centers in our country and they operate 24/7. These stroke centers can provide services according to world standards, even above world standards, and make the necessary interventions. can arise with an intervention of 10 minutes can be overcome.”

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