Check-up must be personal

Check-Up Specialist Dr., who stated that in addition to using electronic devices that emit radiation more often with the introduction of technology in our lives, carcinogenic foods containing harmful preservatives are consumed unknowingly. İlyas Türköz pointed out that this situation is more endangering health than in the past.

State that although the amount of plant and animal food has increased thanks to high-tech industrial production, they have become very poor in vitamins and minerals. İlyas Türköz stressed that people become vulnerable to many diseases when factors such as intense stress, radiation, caffeine, ready-to-eat and packaged foods, sleep disturbances, days spent without seeing the sun, alcohol, cigarettes, exhaust smoke and polluted air, and inactivity are added.

“Control is an indispensable part of our lives”

Noting that in an environment where there are hundreds of health-destroying factors today, the time people spend in hospitals is very short. İlyas Türköz emphasized that check-up (complete care) stands out as a life-saving examination at this stage. Dr. Türköz said: “By undergoing a checkup, we learn about the vitamin and mineral deficiencies we are exposed to due to low content products, and about the harmful effects of foods high in sugar and fat on our body. Even if we have a disease that we are not aware of, we start treatment early by having the opportunity to diagnose it early. We save a lot of time by finishing it in one day without breaking down. For all these reasons, checking has now become an indispensable part of our lives.”

“It should be applied based on age and gender”

Dr. Türköz said: “What will be checked with the content of the checkup should be prepared based on your age, gender and your health and genetic risks, and should be specific to you. You should talk to your doctor before starting the checkup and determine it by finalizing it. A good checkup program should definitely end with a short tailored training after the results are announced.

“It should be done routinely”

Saying that the human body is a perfectly working machine, Dr. Türköz said: “For the continuity of this situation, the human body needs checks, just like the annual routine maintenance of vehicles. Today, about 40 percent of people die from cardiovascular disease. The most common cause of death after cardiovascular disease is cancer. Today, most chronic diseases can be prevented by taking early precautions and changing their lifestyle.”

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