Child health expert warns: Measles is a serious disease that can be prevented by vaccination

Dr. Dr. Instructor Member Emel Şen made statements about the importance of the measles vaccine.

“It remains a problem in the world”

Dr. Instructor Lid Şen said: “Measles has been known for centuries and is one of the most important skin rashes in children. Measles is contagious. This disease, which no longer occurs in developed countries thanks to proper vaccination, remains a problem in developing countries and our country. It is an endemic disease in the world. In recent years, there were epidemics every 2-4 years in spring and all sensitive children in the society got sick,” he said.

“Can be transmitted by contact”

Dr. Dr. Instructor Lid Şen said: “With the introduction of the vaccine into routine practice in many countries after the 1980s, the number of measles cases declined and the age of the disease shifted to preschool age. In societies with insufficient vaccination coverage, the disease is most common around the age of 4 years. The disease is extremely rare in the first 3-4 months due to antibodies that are transferred from the mother through the placenta. If the mother has not had measles or has not been vaccinated against measles, the disease can occur even in a newborn baby. The causative agent of measles is an RNA virus. Because it can survive in low temperatures, it causes epidemics in late winter and spring. After contact with the virus, 90 percent of susceptible people develop the disease.

Measles can be deadly

Dr. Dr. Instructor Lid Şen said: “After the virus is transmitted via droplets, it multiplies in the mucous cells of the respiratory tract, spreads to the regional lymph nodes and from there through the blood to the skin, conjunctiva, bronchi, liver, brain, spleen and the whole body, creating serious photos. The most common complications are otitis, pneumonia and encephalomyelitis with involvement of the meninges. In cases of black measles, seizures, delirium, coma, respiratory failure and bleeding rash on the skin and mucous membranes can be observed. This picture, which is usually seen in children with a suppressed immune system, is deadly. There is no specific treatment for measles cases. Treatment is symptomatic, with vitamin A added to the treatment in severe cases of measles, reducing death and other complications. Measles is a vaccine-preventable disease. Live attenuated measles vaccine, along with rubella and mumps vaccine, is routinely given to all children 12 months old. The second dose of the vaccine is given at the age of 4-6 years. In areas where measles is endemic or during epidemics, the first dose of vaccine can be given after 9 months for early protection of infants. During epidemics, the vaccination age can be reduced to 6 months. Those whose first dose of vaccine is given before 1 year of age should definitely be vaccinated for the second time when they are 12-15 months old. These children need a third dose of vaccine at age 4-6 years.

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