Children who experience emotional emptiness in real life find virtual family more impressive

Azad Asafov, who works as a specialist in child and adolescent psychiatry, emphasized that attention should be paid to the increasing number of virtual parents, virtual lovers and virtual relationships. Asafov emphasized that such situations are more common among people who do not receive support from their families and said: “Children can feel the emotional support they cannot get enough from their parents more intensely in virtual parents. In this regard, they may feel like a possessed person rather than abandoned and lost in this world. They don’t want to lose children who listen to the words of these virtual parents, who make more of an emotional impression.

“Unfortunately, we are becoming more and more virtual”

Claiming they’re getting more and more virtual, Uzm. Dr. Asafov said: “As everything is virtual, the child, the mother and the father have also become virtual. In the 21st century, there are people who are becoming more and more alienated from themselves. As doctors, we don’t want children to spend too much.” time on technological products such as computers and tablets. I wish they could learn something good from that. Even the screen has a negative impact on children’s brains. Unfortunately, what we say is too light. Families are currently exposing their children to the screens of computers, mobile phones and tablets. What we now call virtual motherhood and fatherhood is actually the tip of the iceberg. In fact, virtual lovers, virtual relationships unfortunately also exist these days. This is a situation that mainly occurs in online games and simulation games. Although it sounds very funny, it feels emotionally realistic. When a child or adult plays there, their relationship can also be like a friend during the game, but it feels emotionally realistic. Emotionally inept in real life. With this game, the children who have a problem fill their blanks with this game. In fact, this is exactly what drives children to this game, this addiction. If we don’t understand this, we haven’t found a solution if we say let’s just stop kids from playing. The fact that these games feel realistic from such an angle is very addictive for children, and the problem should be viewed from this component. Virtual parents may provoke children against their own parents, but children find the emotional support they feel with virtual parents more impressive. In other words, he finds the emotional support he cannot get from parents more impressive in virtual parents. This way they feel like valuable individuals, not abandoned. Therefore, the words of virtual parents are much more valuable. A systematic approach to the problem is necessary, when we find ourselves in such a situation, we must avoid making the parents feel inadequate. First of all, you need to listen to the family together. Parents may have financial problems, they may not be able to care for their children, it is not right to dispel the perception that parents do not love their children. After all, we are all human. It is a problem for us that the broken tire is filled from this side,” he said.

“Toys that strengthen children’s emotional bond with their parents are preferable”

Expressing that they do not recommend computer technologies as child psychiatry, Uzm. Dr. Asafov, ” In the most developed countries, especially the people who produce this technology keep their children away from computer games and screens as much as possible. Technological products keep children at home, but how safe is this solution? Mom and Dad may want to rest because they work very hard, but the result is obvious. Our suggestion is that children play games that strengthen their emotional bond with their family so that they can spend time together. Children need one-on-one support. We are becoming more and more emotionally lonely. Emotional support is what healthy eating is to the physical development of an adult and child. To grow up healthy, people must experience emotional support satisfactorily. We see in our scientific studies that especially children who are deprived of parental support do not develop very healthy. Just as a child’s education is very necessary, so is his need for love. Unfortunately, this is still too often overlooked. A child with adequate emotional support will not be too caught up in these virtual mother and father interactions. My advice to parents is to spend regular one-on-one time so kids don’t get dragged into this situation. Mother separately, father separately, with each child separately. First of all, parents also need to spend time with each other. Unfortunately, this is something that is very neglected. Especially after a small child comes into the family and couples become parents, they neglect each other very much. First of all, parents will be a healthy couple, a loving relationship will be enough to give love to their children. How much love can mothers and fathers give to their children, who cannot receive emotional support from their husbands and do not have enough emotional relationships? We are faced with unrealistic expectations. Your partner may not love you, but it’s like you should love your child. Emotional support is to a human being what water and food are. John Bolwby, the pioneer of attachment theory, tells us this. In modern life, our emotional support is very neglected. Unfortunately, when we look at modern families, we see modern victims,” ​​he said.

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