Chronic stress causes feelings of burnout

We all feel tired from time to time and are fed up with everything. The accumulated burdens on life and on yourself can eventually leave you feeling mentally exhausted. So, can you really suffer from burnout syndrome?

‘Chronic stress causes a feeling of burnout’

Burnout Syndrome is usually the result of a perfectionist personality structure. We can see the reflections of this syndrome in people who are called “workaholics” or who are trying to control their lives and people who can’t handle chronic stress.

How is burnout syndrome understood?

The onset of the feeling of burnout can manifest itself when you become too involved in your work in terms of professionalism, when you take all the burden on the family, or when a similar stress load arises. “During this process you feel exhausted, you constantly think negatively, you can take a break from work. You feel emotionally drained and you experience persistent physical pain. This condition can sometimes be confused with depression. We can also see this process as a step towards depression. It may seem difficult to deal with this burnout syndrome, which is usually short-lived and temporary. We must not neglect ourselves by taking seriously the signals that these feelings want to give us so that it does not evolve into depression.”

Don’t ignore yourself

We often forget to take care of ourselves from the routine, monotony and fatigue of daily work.

When you are in burnout syndrome, you start to feel that you need rest. In this process it is important to give yourself what you need. You may not always be able to go on vacation, but everyone has their own spiritual relaxation path. If you can’t think of an option right now, you can work to find it. This can be anything that makes you feel peaceful, relaxed, and rested.

It is important to view the feeling of burnout as “feeling tired” rather than a “weakness”. In this process, try to sleep and rest as much as possible during this process. Don’t forget that even the cars we drive need annual maintenance. However, we often neglect our self-care when it comes to ourselves. Therefore, try to discover things that do you good, relax you and find peace.

Healthy lifestyle habits will do you good

– Exercise regularly to reduce the stress level in the body.
– Provide a healthy diet with lots of fruits and vegetables.
– Take a break from technology.
– During this period, try to step up your communication with people, get ideas from people. During this process, try to share all your feelings and thoughts as much as possible.

If you think you cannot handle it alone and these complaints persist for a long time, it is best to seek help from a specialist.

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