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Before the summer holidays, which start with the closing of the schools, there was a sweet rush in families to have their boys circumcised. However, it is necessary to act without forgetting that circumcision is not seen as a simple application and is a surgical procedure so that these special moments do not cause problems.

Dr. Ali Elbek stated that circumcision is a surgical procedure. Dr Ali Elbek stated that for the circumcision procedure to be completed in a healthy manner, it should be performed in sterile operating room conditions and by a specialist physician, saying: “There must also be teams and equipment that can be acted upon urgently and effectively against unwanted complications that may arise due to surgery and anesthesia during the procedure.”

Emphasizing the importance of performing circumcision, which has many benefits in terms of general hygiene, by experienced surgeons under the right conditions and with the right methods, Dr. Ali Elbek said that the possible problems that can arise with the circumcision procedure performed without the necessary conditions can cause permanent damage to the penis and can even be life-threatening.

“There may be problems that are difficult to compensate for”

Emphasizing that a circumcision performed incorrectly or causing problems during the procedure can affect the whole life of the child in the future, it can open the door to important physiological and psychological problems. Ali Elbek said: “The possible effects of an error that may occur during the process can cause problems that are very difficult to compensate for in the future. Therefore, before circumcision, the child must be examined and monitored by a doctor and it must be ascertained whether there is a risk of congenital abnormalities.

Local anesthesia is used in babies

Dr. Ali Elbek said: “While circumcision is a procedure that can be performed at any age, it would be more appropriate to do it within the first 2 years after birth to minimize the risk of psychological trauma and infection.”

“The number of cancers and infections is decreasing”

Dr. Dr. Ali Elbek stated that the risk of penile cancer in circumcised adults is significantly lower than in uncircumcised patients. Dr Ali Elbek added that cervical cancer rates in the spouses of circumcised adults are still significantly low.

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