CityMate urban review | Speed, range and charging time

CityMate Urban is a practical and manoeuvrable electric scooter model that combines modern technology and stylish design. This scooter takes you beyond an ordinary means of transportation and turns your daily commute into a fun and fast-paced experience.

In the first step you will encounter the striking design of CityMate Urban. The clean and flowing lines allow you to navigate the city streets in style. It offers you maximum comfort with its appearance and ergonomic structure.

But you’ll soon realize that the CityMate Urban isn’t just limited to its looks. The powerful engine and high engine power provide rapid acceleration and a smooth driving experience. By keeping track of the traffic flow in the city, you reach your goals quickly and smoothly.

One of the biggest advantages of the CityMate Urban is the long range and long-lasting battery. Enough for daily commutes or short trips, the 25 km range frees you from the need to charge frequently. Now you can enjoy a stroll through the city without regard to range limitations.

City features from CityMate

Weight 12kg
power 350W
Loading time 4 hours
Band 8.5 inches
Reach 25km
Maximum speed 25km/h
Weight it can bear 110kg

CityMate urban assessment

To make your driving experience safer, CityMate Urban’s disc brake system provides effective braking performance. The rear brake option allows you to stop and pause easily and safely. This way you do not compromise on your security and you still retain control.

The portability of the CityMate Urban will also impress you. Thanks to the light and compact design, you can easily fold the scooter and take it anywhere. This feature is a great advantage for people who travel by public transport or want to carry the scooter to work or home.

CityMate Urban is a candidate to become your best friend in urban transportation. Making your daily routines more fun and allowing you to move forward quickly and nimbly, this scooter allows you to escape the chaos of city life and move freely.

Get ready, let CityMate Urban take you to a new experience in the city. Now it’s time to hit the road with CityMate Urban to push the boundaries of transportation and enjoy the city life.

Here is all the information about CityMate Urban;

CityMate Urban Design

CityMate Urban has a modern and stylish design. The simple and flowing lines make the scooter a striking appearance. At the same time, the ergonomic structure gives priority to the comfort of the user. It will grab the attention of everyone around you as you navigate the city streets in style.

CityMate Urban Speed ​​and Engine Power

CityMate Urban is equipped with a powerful engine. 350W motor power provides fast acceleration and a smooth driving experience. With a maximum speed of 25 km/h you can easily keep up with the traffic flow in the city. This way you can quickly and easily reach your goals.

CityMate Urban range

Citymate Urban

The CityMate Urban range is ideal for meeting your everyday urban transportation needs. The range of 25 km covers enough distance for daily commuting or short trips. So you can travel comfortably without having to charge your scooter regularly.

CityMate Urban tire

The CityMate Urban’s sturdy wheels eliminate the risk of explosion and provide a more durable ride. The 8.5 inch wheel size helps the scooter provide balance and stability. Even with potholes or bumps on city roads, you will experience a smooth ride thanks to the safety provided by the tyres.

CityMate Urban Weight and Carrying Capacity

The light and compact design of the CityMate Urban offers a great advantage in terms of portability. With a weight of only 12 kg, you can easily fold the scooter and take it anywhere. In addition, the load capacity of up to 110 kg ensures that different users can use the scooter with ease.

CityMate city braking system

Citymate Urban

CityMate Urban is equipped with a braking system that puts safety first. The rear brake option allows you to stop and pause easily and safely. Thanks to the disc brake technology, it achieves effective braking performance, while the mechanical braking system increases reliability. This way you stay in control in every situation.

CityMate Urban Battery and charging time

CityMate Urban’s 36 V battery voltage and 7.8 Ah battery ensure long-lasting performance. Thanks to the charging time of approximately 4 hours, the battery is charged quickly. So you can charge your scooter in a short time and enjoy your trip.

CityMate Urban Box Contents

When you buy the CityMate Urban, you will find the scooter in the box, as well as other necessary equipment. Charger, user manual and parts needed for assembly are included in the box. In this way you can quickly get started with the scooter and you will not experience any difficulties during assembly.

Can I buy CityMate Urban?

CityMate Urban is the ideal option to meet your urban transportation needs. It attracts attention with its stylish design, powerful engine, large range, safe braking system and ease of transport. In addition, the comfort and maneuverability make your daily trips more enjoyable. If you are looking for a practical and fast means of transport in the city, CityMate Urban may be the perfect choice for you.

Citymate Urban Reviews of electric scooters

Citymate Urban

👤 *** ***: I bought it for my wife. She is very satisfied. It is comfortable on the slopes. I advise it.

👤 *** ***: It has been 3 days since I received the product, the price is satisfactory in terms of performance, I reached a speed of 22 km on the flat road (I am 87 kilos), of course, the upper speed limit takes decreases as the charge decreases with its fully charged state. There are small trim noises when driving on the tarmac floor, I couldn’t pinpoint exactly where it came from.

👤 *** ***: The braking system provides convenience on long journeys thanks to the highly successful cruise control function. Adjusting the gear level to your 3-speed environment reduces the risk. The tires do not inflate, the tire does not let you down, on the wet ground I did not experience any slippage. The product was shipped the day I ordered it and was delivered within 2-3 days. First impressions are generally positive.

👤 *** ***: The product is very well described, I recommend it, I am definitely 74 kilos. 27 km speed on a straight road. Although the battery 2 is outer, it comes out on slightly hilly roads.

👤 *** ***: I can’t go further than 5 km even if I charge it fully. It turns itself off when the battery capacity drops to two. God forbid, a person can even cause an accident. Sometimes the cruise control kicks in and sometimes it doesn’t. The rear wheel brake was chafing when it came out of the package. I had it adjusted by the cyclist myself, but the fault was there again two days later. Brake does not adjust.

👤 *** ***: The price of the product is affordable and it is a quality product as it seems … if you are in a place with slopes, I would definitely recommend it, only the wheels are a bit of padding, it is a bit uncomfortable on rough roads, this is the only problem

👤 *** ***: The product is good, but the rear fender always breaks, it is very bad, because it is a filled wheel, it vibrates a lot. jajrj quality is good but the rear fender is very bad i changed it

👤 *** ***: The product is really great, very good quality for the price, it came in a very short time and they did a really good job with the packaging

👤 *** ***: The product is defective. When I press the power button, nothing appears on the screen, I charged and tried again, maybe because it was completely discharged, but the result did not change. The wrong product arrived so I’m very sorry, I bought it on a whim and now I’m sending it back.

How can I fold the CityMate Urban?

Folding the CityMate Urban is quite easy. Before folding the scooter, place the tiller handle in a straight position and unlock the locking mechanism. You can then fold the scooter to the desired size. Do not ride the scooter or use excessive force when folding it.

What is the maximum speed of the CityMate Urban?

The CityMate Urban has a maximum speed of 25 km/h. This speed allows you to easily adapt to the traffic flow in urban transport.

What is the range of the CityMate Urban?

The CityMate Urban has a range of 25 km. This range is usually sufficient for daily commutes or short journeys. However, the range may vary depending on driving conditions, your speed and usage patterns.

What is the weight and carrying capacity of the CityMate Urban?

The CityMate Urban weighs 12 kg and has a load capacity of 110 kg. The light and compact design makes it easy to carry and use the scooter.

How long does it take to charge the CityMate Urban?

The charging time of CityMate Urban is approximately 4 hours. It is important to take this time into account so that the battery is fully charged. Charging time may vary depending on the charger used and battery level.

How does the CityMate Urban braking system work?

CityMate Urban has a rear disc brake system. The rear brake is used to stop the scooter. Thanks to the mechanical braking technology, you get safe braking performance.

How are the CityMate Urban tires?

CityMate Urban has sturdy wheels. Solid tires eliminate the risk of explosion and provide a more durable ride. The 8.5 inch wheel size helps the scooter provide balance and stability.

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