Color eyeliner trend | Application and benefits

The colorful eyeliner trend has a history of thousands of years. Women in different times and cultures have used colored eyeliners to make their eyes look more defined and beautiful. Today, the trend of colorful eyeliners has been embraced by many women and is becoming more popular day by day.

Origin of the Color Eyeliner Trend

The color eyeliner trend has become quite popular lately, but the origins of this trend go way back. In fact, the use of colored eyeliner goes back thousands of years.

In Egypt, women used eyeliner in different colors to define their eyes. Made in shades of blue, green, black and white, these eyeliners were used to protect the skin around the eyes and protect them from the harmful effects of the sun. They also used these products to make their eyes look bigger and brighter.

Colored eyeliners used to be used not only in Egypt. During the Roman Empire, women used red colored eyeliner to enhance and beautify their eyes. Also, women in ancient Greece used black eyeliner.

More recently, the color eyeliner trend has become the fashion of the 1960s and 1970s. During this period, women used eyeliners in brighter colors to define the contours of their eyes. Particularly under the influence of popular culture, women have become more creative and bold in eye makeup.

Nowadays, the color eyeliner trend is embraced by many. Social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube helped spread this trend, thanks to creative makeup videos made with eyeliners in different colors.

How to apply colored eyeliner?

Colorful eyeliner trend

Colored eyeliner requires a different application than regular black eyeliner. When you apply colored eyeliner, you can add another dimension to your eye makeup to accentuate and draw attention to your eyes. How to apply colored eyeliner step by step:

Choosing the right eyeliner

The first step is choosing the right eyeliner. Colored eyeliners are usually available in liquid, gel, or pencil form. Liquid eyeliners are great for a sharper line, but pencil eyeliners may be easier for beginners. The choice of color is up to you, but it’s helpful to consider your eye color and skin tone.

Preparation of the eyelid

Before applying colored eyeliner, make sure your eyelids are oil-free and clean. Oily eyelids can cause the eyeliner to slip and smudge. By applying a base to the eyelid, you can make the eyeliner last longer.

line drawing

Now it’s time to apply your eyeliner. Newst at the inner corner of your eye and draw the eyeliner along your eyeline. Keep your eyelids open and try to make the line as thin and even as possible. If you like, you can create a cat eye shape by slightly lifting the tip of your eyeliner.

Increase the color

To enhance the color of your eyeliner, you can apply the eyeshadow of the same color on top of the eyeliner. This makes the colored eyeliner look more vibrant. You can also make your eyes stand out more by applying colored eyeliner to your lower lash line.

apply mascara

After applying the colored eyeliner, you can apply mascara to define your eyes more. Mascara makes your eyes look bigger and fuller.

Benefits of colored eyeliner

Colorful eyeliner trend

Colorful eyeliner not only creates a fun and creative look, but also brings many benefits. Here are some benefits of using colored eyeliner:

1. Determines your eyes

Using colored eyeliner will make your eyes stand out more. In particular, using a colored eyeliner instead of black eyeliner can better bring out the color and tone of your eyes.

2. Make your eyes look big

Using colored eyeliner will make your eyes look bigger and more open. Applying a light-colored eyeliner in the inner corner of the eye can help widen your eyes.

3. Corrects facial expression

Using colored eyeliner can change your facial expression. For example, using orange or yellow eyeliner can create an energetic and happy expression on your face, while using pink or purple eyeliner can create a more romantic expression.

4. Creates different styles

Using colored eyeliner can add another dimension to your personal style. Playing with different colors can make your style more fun and creative.

5. You feel good

Using colored eyeliner can help you feel good. Especially if you are preparing for a party or special event, using colored eyeliner can boost your confidence and make you feel special.

6. Complements your eye makeup

Colored eyeliner can be a great way to finish off your eye makeup. By using it with eyeshadow or mascara, you can give your eyes a full make-up and further enhance your eyes.

How to choose a colored eyeliner based on the eye shape?

Colorful eyeliner trend

Colored eyeliner is a trend that has become popular lately. Besides adding another dimension to your eye makeup, the right choice of colored eyeliner can make your eyes even more distinctive. Choosing the colored eyeliner that suits your eye shape can make your eyes more attractive. Here’s how to choose a colored eyeliner based on eye shape, let’s explain it step by step:

Flat eyes

Straight eyes usually have a straight line without obvious creases. Those with flat eyes should look for ways to add depth to their eyes by using colored eyeliner. If you use colored eyeliner, drawing a thicker and more defined line can make your eyes more attractive. You can also make your eyes stand out even more by using vibrant and bright colors.

Almond Eyes

Almond eyes have a more prominent folding tip than flat eyes. Those with this eye shape should look for ways to give more depth and emphasis to their eyes by using colored eyeliner. If you apply colored eyeliner towards the outer corner of your eye, your eyes will appear higher and more open. You can also make your eyes stand out more by using darker colors.

Round eyes

Round eyes have a larger and fuller appearance. Those with this eye shape should use colored eyeliner to make their eyes look thinner and longer. Drawing a thin line to the outer corner of the eye makes your eyes appear higher and open. You can also make your eyes stand out more by using darker colors.

Pitted eyes

Pitted eyes are the eye shape in which the eyes seem to be buried in a deep pit. Those with this eye shape can help define their eyes more by using colored eyeliner. Applying a thin layer of colored eyeliner to the lower lash line of the eye will make your eyes appear bigger and brighter.

Is colored eyeliner suitable for everyone?

Yes, colored eyeliner can be suitable for everyone. Colored eyeliner can be used by anyone with any skin tone or eye color. However, keep in mind that different colors may look better depending on your eye shape.

Will using colored eyeliner harm my eyes?

No, using colored eyeliner will not hurt your eyes. However, if you have any sensitivity or allergies in your eyes, it is advisable to consult your doctor before using colored eyeliner. Also, using a poor or low quality product can cause irritation or infection in your eyes, so it is important to choose a reliable and quality product.

How to apply colored eyeliner correctly?

To apply colored eyeliner, first clean your eyelids and the surrounding area. Then apply the colored eyeliner by drawing a thin line around the edge of your eyelid. You can make your eyes appear wider and brighter by applying a lighter colored eyeliner in the inner corner of the eye. Finally, you can use it to combine colored eyeliner with eyeshadow or mascara.

What colors are the most popular colored eyeliner options?

Blue, green, purple and pink eyeliners are among the most popular options lately. However, the color you prefer is entirely up to you and you can use different colors based on your personal style or outfits.

How to remove colored eyeliner?

To remove colored eyeliner, use an eye makeup remover that you would use to remove your eye makeup. Pour a few drops of product onto a cotton pad and gently press your eyelids to remove make-up. You can then complete the process by washing your face with water and drying it with a clean towel.

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