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Beko KM 90 Dryer adds functionality and comfort to your home with its innovative technology and stylish design. This machine, which achieves great things in a short time, allows you to use your time more efficiently by drying your laundry as quickly as possible.

Thanks to the powerful motor and special drum, the Beko KM 90 Dryer accelerates the drying of your laundry, while at the same time it feels soft. This makes it possible to always keep your laundry nice and new.

Beko KM 90 Features

Capacity 9kg
Weight 41kg
Number of programs 15
Remote control No
Volume 65dB

Beko KM 90 Dryer

The Beko KM 90 is equipped with a technology that takes care of both your washing and drying. This machine, which stands out for its anti-crease function, reduces the need to iron and dries your clothes wrinkle-free.

Here are all the details about the Beko KM 90 Dryer;

Beko KM 90 Design

The dryer Beko KM 30 is equipped with a technology that allows you to easily monitor it through the LCD screen. This machine, which stands out for its functionality, offers a modern look with its white color, while the Aquawave drum pattern manages to dry your laundry finely without damaging it.

Beko KM 90 Capacity

The Beko KM 90 tumble dryer completely eliminates the drying problem in small houses thanks to the drying capacity of 9 kilograms. Moreover, with its large reservoir, it allows all your laundry to dry in one go.

Beko KM 90 Security

Drum Lighting There is
child lock There is
Direct water drainage There is

Designed with DC LED drum lighting, the Beko KM 90 offers easy use and control by allowing you to see the condition of your laundry in the drum. The Direct Water Drain function, on the other hand, plays an important role in draining the water directly without having to empty the water tank.

Beko KM 90, with its warning functions such as water tank full warning, condenser cleaning warning and filter cleaning warning, the machine automatically alerts you and reminds you of maintenance work.

The End of Program Sound Warning function warns you when the drying process of your laundry is complete, while the Child Lock function restricts access to the machine and prevents small children from damaging the machine.

Beko KM 90 Dimensions and weight

Height 84.6cm
Width 59.7cm
Depth 59.9cm
Weight 41kg

Beko KM 90; It is a compact machine with a height of 84.6 cm, a width of 59.7 cm and a depth of 59.9 cm. This machine, which gives a stylish look everywhere, allows you to easily carry out transport and installation work with a weight of only 41 kg. With this function, you can take your laundry with you wherever you go to dry it in the most convenient place.

Beko KM 90 Technical specifications

  • Capacity 9 kilograms
  • Low energy consumption of 258 kWh
  • Anti-wrinkle function
  • Stylish and modern design
  • 15 program choices
  • EcoSense technology
  • Refresher program support
  • Aquawave drum cartridge

Beko KM 90 Energy consumption

Annual energy consumption 258.6 kWh
Volume 65dB

The annual energy consumption of the Beko KM 90 tumble dryer is 258.6 kWh. This value manages to satisfy users in terms of the energy efficiency of the machine. The noise level of the Beko KM 90 tumble dryer is only 65 dB. This dryer works very quietly without bothering you.

Beko KM 90 Programs and use

Beko KM 90 Programs and use

The Beko KM 90 dryer is a household appliance equipped with advanced drying functions. In addition to saving energy thanks to the heat pump drying technology, it also offers an environmentally friendly use with the Eco Sense control system. In addition, Aquawave manages to gently dry your clothes with its drum pattern.

Beko KM 90 tumble dryer, which stands out for its functionality

  • Cotton Iron dry
  • Cotton Economy Drying
  • Cotton cupboard dry
  • Cotton Extra Dry
  • Synthetic iron dry
  • Synthetic cupboard dryness
  • Dry in basket / time
  • Refreshing / Airy with Wool
  • Delicate
  • Jeans
  • Outdoor/Sports (Goretex)
  • Mixed
  • baby+
  • duvet cover/duvet cover
  • Fast 30′

With its programs developed in the form of a customizable point of use, it succeeds in satisfying its users.

Beko KM 90 User Reviews

Beko KM 90 User Reviews

👤 *** ***: A great dryer! My products smell soft and fresh after drying. It is also very easy to use.

👤 *** ***: It works very quietly and saves energy and reduces bills. It dries my laundry completely even with a single drying cycle.

👤 *** ***: The large capacity allows me to dry a large number of laundry at the same time. It is also very good that it dries my laundry without any damage.

👤 *** ***: The Beko KM 90 tumble dryer works very quietly. It does not cause any discomfort while drying our laundry.

👤 *** ***: The drying process is quite fast and efficient. If we throw our clothes in the dryer after washing, they will be completely dry in a short time.

👤 *** ***: The Beko KM 90 dryer is very handy and easy to use. The settings are quite simple and clearly stated.

👤 *** ***: The inner volume of the Beko KM 90 dryer is a bit small. For this reason, it can be a bit difficult to dry bulky laundry.

👤 *** ***: Some users complain about the quality of the product. In particular, there can be problems with the dryer door loosening and opening over time.

Editor’s Comments

Beko KM 90

The Beko KM 90 tumble dryer is a device that allows users to dry their laundry quickly and easily. The machine has become very useful with its features.

First of all, you don’t have to worry about emptying the water tank thanks to the water drain function of the device. Plus, you can keep your performance high with features like filter cleaning alert and drum lighting.

The machine also offers safety with its child lock function. The drying process is performed automatically and informs the user with an audible warning at the end of the program.

In addition, the Beko KM 90 tumble dryer works quietly and is energy-saving. It is also very easy to clean with its practical filter.

Of course, as with any appliance, the Beko KM 90 tumble dryer also has some drawbacks. For example, the machine is quite large and the price is a bit high.

Overall, however, the Beko KM 90 dryer is a very successful device. With the benefits, useful functions and high performance it offers, it facilitates the drying process of the user’s laundry. If you want to dry your laundry quickly and easily, you can opt for the Beko KM 90 dryer.

In this section we answer the questions about the Beko KM 90 tumble dryer.

How many kilograms does the Beko KM 90 tumble dryer have a load capacity?

The load capacity of the Beko KM 90 dryer is 9 kilograms. This allows you to dry all your laundry in one go that needs to be dried at home after a large wash.

What is the energy consumption of the Beko KM 90 tumble dryer?

The annual energy consumption of the Beko KM 90 tumble dryer is 258.6 kWh. This value is a very good result in terms of energy efficiency and is designed to reduce the energy consumption of a household appliance.

Does the Beko KM 90 tumble dryer work quietly?

Yes, the Beko KM 90 tumble dryer is very quiet. The sound power level is 65 dBA, so that users of the dryer can use it undisturbed.

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