Common genital problems after childbirth can be treated

Pregnancy can cause some changes in the body. Women often complain about changes in their bodies after childbirth and hope to regain their prenatal appearance as soon as possible. The expectant mother, who decides to change the procedure, goes through an investigation process and tells the specialist in detail about her complaint and the expected change. It is important to consult a specialist during this process. Both mother and doctor should discuss each point in detail. Depending on the needs of the person, surgeries can be performed in one session. This way people do not have to be operated on again and again.

Especially during a normal delivery, various disorders can occur in the genital area. Multiple births or obesity in babies is often the cause of these complaints. Both conditions can cause severe vaginal enlargement.

The main point to look for in a suitable surgery candidate; At least 6 months have passed since the birth and the breastfeeding period is complete. This procedure is recommended for people who do not plan to become pregnant again. Pregnancy or a repeated normal delivery can give complaints about the same problems.

The main points that the person requesting the surgery will look for are the following: Have no health problems that would prevent the surgery, do not smoke or stop smoking before starting the surgery, and be suitable for anesthesia.

Frequently preferred applications

Vaginal tightening

The vagina, the birth canal, expands during childbirth. This elevation is usually applied when it does not return to its former shape after birth. For this reason, most women who give birth generally use vaginal tightening methods. This process is also known as postpartum maternity aesthetics.


Labiaplasty is the aesthetic surgery of the inner and outer lips of the female genital area. A series of surgical procedures can provide a more aesthetic, functional and anatomical appearance, mainly due to the genetic structure in adolescence or the slackening, enlargement and asymmetrical condition of the inner lips after birth and the deformation of the outer lips. In particular, growths and sagging occur in the inner and outer lips that have lost their elastic structure. For this reason, many moms include labiaplasty (inner lip aesthetic), majoraplasty (outer lip aesthetic), and vaginoplasty (vaginal tightening) in their postpartum beauty schedule.

Whitening of the vagina

The color of the genital area can darken for several reasons. Due to hormonal changes during pregnancy, the female body will undergo many changes. The problem of darkening of the vulva is one of these changes. Many mothers opt for vaginal whitening after childbirth.

Various deformities can be seen in the body of women, especially after a normal delivery. These distortions can cause major problems such as psychological, physical and family conflicts. Therefore, after the birth, the mother may need physical support to feel better and more beautiful and regain her lost self-confidence. He may also need to feel good and confident during sex. For this reason, it especially appeals to women who have problems with aesthetic applications in this area.

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