Confused with prostate disease: if left untreated, it can even cause kidney failure.

In older men, especially after prostate or kidney stone surgery, stenosis in the urinary tract can occur as a result of, for example, an accident in young people. This discomfort, called urethral stricture, can even cause serious health problems, such as kidney failure, if not treated in a timely manner. experts; He states that urethral stricture symptoms such as sudden urination, urinary incontinence, pain or burning during urination are often confused with prostate disease, and many patients have a painful process due to misdiagnosis and late diagnosis.

first in Kocaeli

Urology Specialist Assoc. dr. It was successfully performed by Oğuz Özden Cebeci and his team. One of the few doctors who performed this surgery in Turkey, Assoc. Dr. Cebeci gave important warnings to the citizens.

“The patient can no longer urinate easily”

Claiming that the urethra is the organ through which urine can come out, Assoc. Dr. Oğuz Özden Cebeci, “The urethra is 4-5 cm long in women and 18-20 cm in men. The causes of urethral stenosis are many. We do not know some of them, but mostly in older men, which traumatize the urethra for various reasons, especially after prostate or kidney stone operations. Normally, the diameter of the urethra, that is, the urethra, is one centimeter, but after these operations, the urethra decreases from one centimeter to one millimeter from time to time due to infection , dropping stones and the patient can no longer urinate easily. This could be due to reasons such as dropping stones and infection,” he said.

“Urethra stenosis can be confused with prostate disease”

Cebeci stated that urethral stenosis is often seen in older men and said, “This disease is also seen in women. Since urethral stenosis is not considered in women, diagnosis and treatment can often be prolonged, but it is more common in men. Stenosis can very often be confused with prostate disease, it can be confused with stone aspiration.” We have to do several tests to diagnose this. We usually start with closed surgery, but this usually has a 50 percent chance of success. The success rate is much higher with open surgery,” he said.

‘This procedure is not performed in every center’

Cebeci emphasized that urethral stricture surgery is not performed in all centers, Cebeci said: “It is technically a somewhat difficult operation. However, the European guidelines for urology said two years ago: ‘If it recurs after two closed operations, perform an open operation out’. trying to enlarge it,” he said.

“Kocaeli City Hospital Has Become A Center For Urethral Stricture Surgery”

associate Dr. Oğuz Özden Cebeci continued his words as follows:

“Actually, the name of urethral stricture surgery is ‘urethroplasty. centers performing this complicated operation in Turkey. It has become a center where urethral stenosis surgery has been performed since the first day. The urethral stenosis operation is performed for the first time in Kocaeli. The elderly think, “I am old now. I have to pee. ” But in fact, the diagnosis of urethral stenosis is not very difficult. They just need to register with a urologist. The treatment process can sometimes be complicated, but that is why it is important to improve the patient’s quality of life in the treatment of urethral stricture. Urethroplasty surgery is included in the reconstructive urology section of urology. There are major university centers in Istanbul, Izmir, Adana. It is also available at selected points in different parts of Anatolia, but there are a few centers where it is therefore is done intensively. The Kocaeli City Hospital is one of them.”

“We are creating a new urethra”

Cebeci said: “In this surgery, we take a piece of tissue from the urinary bladder, but usually from the lip, and we patch the urethra. In other words, we create a new urethral canal. A type of tissue transfer. We don’t have a specific incidence study because of the difficulty of enrolling patients or because they are confused with other diseases but obviously these patients have closed surgeries very often For example we performed open surgery on a patient last week He had closed surgery 47 times before Closed surgeries We told that patient “We performed the 48th and hopefully the last surgery. Urethral stenosis is a disease that reduces people’s quality of life. If citizens suspect this type of disease, it is possible to apply to the urology clinic and have the diagnosis made by having very simple tests done,” he said.

“may cause kidney failure”

Describing the symptoms of urethral stenosis, Cebeci said, “Urethra stenosis can manifest as oozing urinary incontinence in women. It is very often confused with prostate disease in men. It also gives the same symptoms. Patients come to us with symptoms such as frequent urination, difficulty after urination and inability to urinate completely.” We can make the correct diagnosis with the differential diagnosis we make. If the patient cannot urinate efficiently, urine can accumulate in the kidney in the very advanced period, causing kidney failure,” he said.

Spent 12 years in hospitals

Volkan Serduman (56), who came from Istanbul for his treatment and underwent surgery 6 months ago, said: “I started experiencing the symptoms of urethral disease since I was 18-19 years old, but I didn’t know that it is the symptoms of urethral stricture disease.I was diagnosed with urethral disease at the age of 27-28.It is very common.there were symptoms like urinating,urinating at a very long distance.I took a long road of about 20 years,12 of which were spent in hospitals.Unfortunately, we could not perform the operation, although many surgical decisions were made in Istanbul.We tried to progress with daily solutions that we found ourselves.6 months I had urethral stenosis surgery in Kocaeli before with Oğuz teacher, I about to reach the end of the road We have a few more little things I hope we will work it out too This has nothing to do with not being able to pee Your kidneys may fail in the future “If the kidneys fail, the body goes bankrupt anyway,” he said.

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