Consuming such a chicken is poisonous – Health News

Ankara University Director of the Institute of Food Safety Prof. Dr. Nevzat Now made statements about what to consider when buying and consuming chicken meat. Prof. Dr. Nu: “It is also necessary to pay attention to the best-before date printed on them. Packaged products are safe because they are produced in facilities approved and inspected by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry. and chicken meat products must be delivered to the consumer without breaking the cold chain, and must be consumed within the time limits stated on the label. Chicken meat can either be consumed immediately after purchase. After that, it must be consumed as soon as possible or the cold chain must be kept intact If washed, the risk of food poisoning increases. Dr Nu: “The only thing that needs to be done before cooking the chicken meat is to bring it directly to the pot and avoid contact with the counter and materials as much as possible.

Washing raw chicken before cooking increases the risk of food poisoning. If the chicken meat is well cooked, all harmful micro-organisms are destroyed.” Chicken naturally has a high load of micro-organisms. When we wash the chicken before cooking; Because we cannot reduce the amount of microorganisms, these microorganisms that splash on the surfaces of sinks, faucets, countertops and even on our hands can cause cross-contamination. After that, these surfaces should definitely be disinfected and hands should be washed with liquid soap for at least 20 seconds.” He said: “The whole chicken should be cooked. Care must be taken to ensure that no sections are left behind. To fully cook chicken and other meat products, it is recommended to cook the internal temperature of 72 degrees or higher. “Chicken protein is of extremely high quality, it is beneficial for the distribution of essential amino acids in it. In other words, consuming 100 grams of chicken meat per day provides 67-83 percent of the daily protein requirement.

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