Consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables protects against diseases

Summer attracts attention as the season with the most medicinal fruits and vegetables. Public health and internal medicine specialist Dr. Emin Dinççağ gave information about the things that need to be done in terms of nutrition with the arrival of the summer months.

Giving information about healthy living, Dr. Emin Dinççağ said, ‘Summer has come. Summer is one of the most important periods for human health. The abundance of fresh fruit and vegetables, the increase in our use of sunlight, the fact that we spend more time without work due to the lengthening of the days, spend more time outdoors and the increase in exercise and sports opportunities make summer fall more up for a healthy life compared to other seasons.

“The consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables boosts immunity and protects against diseases”

Emin Dinççağ stated that all vitamins necessary for human health are contained in fresh fruits and vegetables and said sources of vitamins that our body needs are fresh fruits and vegetables. It should not be forgotten that the consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables is one of the most important factors that protect people’s immune system and prevent them from getting sick. Fresh fruits and vegetables, which with their content strengthen our immune system, are also the main source of fiber necessary for our intestinal health. Every adult should consume at least 35 grams of fiber per day, especially to prevent colon cancer. Among the fiber-containing foods, in addition to whole grains, fruits and vegetables are also important sources of fiber. In the treatment of high cholesterol, a high-fiber diet is also important.

‘Daylight is the most important free antidepressant in the summer’

As for the importance of nutrition and sunlight in the summer months, Dr. Dinççağ said: “Ultraviolet rays are a source of vitamin D for our body. Sunlight is necessary for vitamin D, which is produced in our body, to become active and beneficial to the body. During the summer season, it is necessary for us to get vitamin D by exposing our arms, face and legs to sunlight, especially outside the midday hours when the sun’s rays are less harmful to human health. 15 minutes a day is enough for this process. It is very beneficial for the health of people with osteoporosis and low vitamin D levels to pay attention to this problem. Vitamin D is an important vitamin that functions as a hormone in the human body and strengthens the person’s immune system. It has very important benefits for bone health. It is known that a healthy diet protects against diseases and prolongs life. A healthier and longer life is possible by adding sports and regular sleep to daily life. Consuming fruits at least five times a day, consuming fresh fruits and vegetables, and consuming fruits without peel but after washing thoroughly are beneficial. It is more beneficial to consume fruit with pulp instead of drinking fruit juice. It will be more correct to consume mixed fruits when consuming fruits. Diabetic patients are advised to consume fruit in moderation on the advice of a doctor. Sunlight is the most important free antidepressant in the summer. We should take advantage of that,” he said.

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