Cooking milk at home cannot eliminate the health risks

Recalling some of the benefits of milk, Dyt. Çelebi said: “Milk and dairy products are among the staple food groups and are the best source of calcium, which is necessary for all age groups, to strengthen bones and to protect against chronic diseases such as obesity, cancer, hypertension and diabetes. Regular consumption of milk and dairy products prevents growth and development in children, tooth decay and helps prevent osteoporosis in adults and especially women after the age of 40. However, lately, milk has become a hot topic and it is even said that milk should not be consumed in some societies. This situation causes many people to worry about milk,” he said.

“Closed milk may be preferable”

Emphasizing that boiling milk at home is unfortunately not an adequate method for the death of harmful microorganisms in milk, Dyt said. Çelebi said: “Our mothers and fathers certainly cook the open milk that comes to our house from natural environments such as villages and farms. However, this may not be enough to kill the microorganisms. Pasteurized and UHT methods are the healthiest and most reliable and beneficial in terms of nutritional value. Heat treatments (pasteurization and UHT) accepted in international standards are used to destroy microorganisms present in milk and to preserve its nutritional value. Because of this process, it is healthier to prefer closed milk. to vote will be,” he said.

“When buying milk, look for the organic logo”

Emphasizing that the demand for all types of organic food has increased recently, the demand for organic milk has also increased significantly, Dyt said. Çelebi said: “If you want to reach organic food reliably, make sure the product carries the ‘Organicity Logo’. The criteria for organic food are determined by the regulations published by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry. Only the milk with the ‘Organicity Logo’ from the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry is organic. Therefore, look out for this logo on the products you buy and remember that any non-certified product is not organic.

“Daily Milk Consumption”

About how much milk we should drink a day, Dyt. Çelebi said: “Calcium, vitamin C, iron, protein, phosphorus, vitamins A, B12 and riboflavin, which are part of our body’s daily milk requirement, vary according to needs, according to age. It is recommended that adults consume 2 cups (400 ml) of milk per day, children, adolescents, pregnant, lactating and postmenopausal women consume an average of 3-4 cups (600-800 ml) of milk per day. The amount of milk consumption should be reviewed taking into account the current state of health of the person,” he concluded.

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