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Conducting scientific studies on blockchain and metaverse, Dr. Ayça Maden spoke about the falling prices of virtual lands.

Maden said, “The Metaverse has quite a few uncertainties. These uncertainties cause investors to act cautiously and values ​​fall. As technology advances and the number of users in metaverse universes increases, the values ​​of virtual plots may rise again.”

Metaverse, which offers a virtual world parallel to the real world, continues to attract a lot of attention. The values ​​of virtual lots for sale in the Metaverse universe are falling day by day.

Dr. Dr. Ayça Maden made a statement on the subject.

“The formation of speculative bubbles, increased competition, uncertainties and technological problems may be one of the factors that played a role in this decline,” Maden said, adding: “In the beginning, many people who invested in the metaverse universe focused on on making big profits quickly By engaging in speculative behavior, they bought virtual plots, raised their hopes and thought that values ​​would rise quickly.

However, this rapid increase in value created speculative bubbles and artificially inflated prices. With increasing interest and participation, many new virtual land projects have emerged. Because there is more competition and opportunities in this area, the supply in the market has increased. This situation disrupted the balance between supply and demand and led to a fall in value.


Dr. van Beykent University states that some projects did not live up to expectations. Instructor Member Ayça Maden said: “The values ​​have dropped due to user experience issues and technical issues. Insecurities about sustainability in the Metaverse universe were effective in the decline of values.

There’s been a lot of debate and speculation lately about what the future of the metaverse world will be. For example, the metaverse has great uncertainties about whether the technological developments will be sufficient, whether it will be widely accepted by people, what new legal rules will come about virtual environments, how to solve ethical and moral problems in virtual environments, and safety. and privacy risks. “These uncertainties are causing investors to be cautious and values ​​are falling,” he said.

“Investing in metaverse projects of sports organizations or artists can increase the value of virtual lots”

“Metaverse generally uses a combination of different technologies as its infrastructure,” Maden said, “This includes technologies such as blockchain, virtual reality, artificial intelligence and cloud computing. As the technology infrastructure and user experience of the Metaverse universe improves, it can increasing people’s trust in virtual worlds.

As better graphics are designed and faster data transfer occurs, people’s interest in the metaverse universe can be kept alive, which can increase the value of virtual plots. In addition, popularity and values ​​are likely to rise again as major brands and companies become more interested in the world of the metaverse. For example, investments by popular gaming companies, sports organizations or artists in metaverse projects can allow virtual worlds to reach a wider audience and thereby increase the value of virtual plots.

The fact that the Metaverse universe has more sustainable and profitable business models can play an important role in increasing values. For example, if models are developed that allow users to monetize virtual lands or invest in metaverse projects, people can be attracted to these virtual worlds and increase value.”


Maden pointed out that the value of virtual lands will rise again as technology advances and the number of users in metaverse universes increases: “Another approach is that virtual land owners can protect their current value or minimize their losses by making sales at the right time. According to this view, in the metaverse universes, depreciation may become a constant trend, and many landlords may look for a viable sales window to recoup their investment.

As another alternative, virtual landowners can develop different strategies to avoid being affected by the loss of value. Among these strategies, there may be options such as looking for new ways to generate income using the land, trading in the virtual world or providing services to other users. In this way, landowners can increase their income potential and minimize the effects of depreciation.”

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