Crooked teeth cause both aesthetic and health problems

Teeth misaligned in the mouth and called “crooked” among the people cause loss of self-confidence, negatively affect the social life of the person and cause various health problems like temporomandibular joint pain, indigestion due to food not properly chew.

Dt. Enis Akyürek reported that the problem of crooked teeth is caused by “the different arrangement of the teeth on the jawbones than they should be”.

Claiming that this problem is caused by nutritional disorders, injuries or trauma, gum disease, as well as genetic factors, Dt. Akyürek said: “The person’s congenital lower and upper jaws of different size or shape, tooth alignment problems caused by tooth or palate development are important factors in crooked teeth. If one or both parents have crooked teeth, children are more likely to have crooked teeth as well.

Claiming that crooked teeth cause loss of self-confidence, negatively impact the person’s social life, Dt. Akyürek said: “Complaints such as pain in the temporomandibular joint, difficulty in chewing and speaking, and indigestion due to not chewing food properly are some of them. Since it is difficult to clean the crooked teeth, there are problems with oral hygiene.

Preferences new generation, clear record

Pointing out that the new generation of braces no longer isolates the person from social life, Akyürek said: “In recent years it has become possible to straighten teeth with Invisalign (wireless orthodontic treatment), which is almost invisible is for patients who do not want to wear regular braces in recent years.The reason why this method is preferred is that the teeth are aligned where they should be with transparent plaques without braces.

Akyürek pointed out that in recent years, orthodontic (transparent aligner) treatment without braces has become highly preferred by those who do not wish to wear braces. the use of classic metal or porcelain threads. After the treatment, the teeth are in the correct position. This app is suitable for both children and adults. It is generally used in the correction of moderate and mild tooth crowding. Those who don’t want to wear braces but have problems with the structure of their teeth may prefer clear aligners to Invisalign treatment.

Boards are replaced every 10-15 days.

Dt. Akyürek continued his words as follows: “In the wireless correction process, transparent aligners are given in sessions and the aligners are replaced every 10-15 days on average. It takes longer to get results compared to braces. However, it is aesthetically useful and comfortable, making it one of the most popular orthodontic treatments. In this method, transparent aligners are used as an alternative to metal or transparent braces. Since there are no braces or braces, it is not noticeable from the outside. These plaques are lightweight and have no adversely affect the person’s daily life. They are among the most suitable orthodontic treatments, especially for adults. Transparent plaques can be inserted and removed at any time. Since the transparent plaques can be removed during eating, the chewing comfort of the patient does not decrease during meals oral hygiene is more practical. In addition, wireless orthodontic treatment can be applied at any age, depending on the patient’s condition. It is sufficient to wear the clear aligners during the day for the time indicated by the dentist.”
Akyürek said that regular use of plaques is of great importance in the treatment of wireless tooth correction, and the duration of the treatment can vary depending on the condition of the tooth, adding that this treatment is primarily preferred by patients with aesthetic problems.

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