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By making a plan about the course of the pregnancy, we do the necessary examinations and evaluations for the baby’s health, and if there are situations that can be intervened, we identify them early and arrange treatment accordingly. Because of this, the period that we call pregnancy comprises a total of 40 weeks. Our pregnant women may have some discomfort before applying to us. If we plan this period as a regular follow-up in certain periods; our pregnancy process is more comfortable and expected and unexpected complications are less common; This way we have a chance of a healthier generation. There is a group where we can treat the possible health problem of the mother and the baby by monitoring the baby in the womb. Of course there is also the group that cannot be treated, but we follow up with the mother during the periodic checkups and plan the birth accordingly.

The methods we use to identify the conditions in the incurable group are improving day by day. Compared to the past, the ultrasound machines we use are now at a very high level, both technically and in terms of resolution. Other laboratory tests and genetic tests used together are also of a high standard. Now we can fully learn the baby’s genetic-chromosomal structure through a tube of blood that we take from the mother’s blood. Regular checkups are very important if there are any health issues that could upset the baby and the mother during follow-up. If we do not notice these problems, both the mother and the baby can sometimes suffer from them. The baby’s nutrition and blood flow may be disrupted in the womb, causing a decrease in water and developmental delay.

Claiming it varies depending on the week of pregnancy, Op. Dr Kayhan said, “There are some situations that require urgent medical attention during pregnancy. These emergencies actually vary depending on the week of pregnancy. Normally, emergencies are situations that the pregnant woman does not expect in her daily life; it is usually in the form of severe pain and heavy bleeding. In later pregnancies, situations related to the baby’s movements may arise. In the first three months, the applications submitted to us are usually intense morning sickness, vomiting and loss of appetite. If the clinical nutrition is affected too much, the pregnant woman should be treated as an inpatient.Another condition we encounter most often is bleeding.Although bleeding can occur in the first weeks of pregnancy, we also have patients with bleeding symptoms during pregnancy.The amount of bleeding is of great importance medical examination required. If unusual uterine contractions in the following periods, pain observed in different regions in contrast to normal, do not disappear with follow-up, if they occur regularly and are intense in nature, it is useful to consult a doctor. Because some clinical emergencies related to the digestive system can occur during pregnancy, such as kidney stones related to other organs, appendicitis, gallbladder disease. We certainly like to see patients with such complaints. Because problems and problematic situations are usually caused by negligence. During pregnancy, a doctor is consulted when the pain reaches the final point. In this case, it may be too late for both the pregnant and the baby.

“It is very important to sit in the sunless part of the vehicle”

As for the questions that pregnant women are very curious about, Op. Dr. Ramazan İlker Kayhan said, “Pregnant women who register at our clinic ask us many questions about hair dyeing. In the studies conducted so far, no negative result has been revealed by hair dyeing during pregnancy. But there is an opinion that the chemicals in hair dye can be harmful. During the first trimester of pregnancy, it seems more logical to avoid known or unknown teratogenic effects on the developing baby. In my own clinical practice, the first three months of pregnant women who want to dye their hair; For those who have anxiety, I recommend delaying painting for the first four months. Another frequently asked question is travelling. Since Denizli is close to many holiday regions, we usually tell our pregnant women that they can travel until the last week. In terms of travel; It is very important to be safe during the journey, not to use the vehicle by pregnant women and to sit in the part of the vehicle that is not exposed to the sun. Even at close range; We recommend taking a break every one and a half to two hours and taking a walk in a quiet area. On the other hand, we can recommend it up to 32-34 weeks in large aircraft if there is no additional health issue, if it does not interfere with the flight, especially as the cabin pressure is adjusted. Apart from this, one of the most curious questions asked by pregnant women is whether there is any risk after childbirth due to spinal anesthesia. Pregnant women, for whom we see no problem in giving birth normally, can sometimes feel a lot of pain because the pain threshold can be low during the process.

“It is important to us to ensure that pregnant women get through this process without any problems”

Kiss. Dr. Kayhan: “When we look during the examination, we prefer to use epidural anesthesia if we think that the pregnant woman is also suitable for a normal delivery. Our anesthesiologists apply epidural anesthesia; During the procedure, medication is administered by placing a catheter from the lumbar to the spine. After this application, it is easier to open the cervix with pain. Our pregnant women do not feel any contractions during childbirth. It is possible to have a quality and comfortable delivery. We achieve good results with a successful expert application in a suitable position. We prefer spinal anesthesia for caesarean section. With current technology, there is no negative situation, since a needle point as thin as a hair is used in spinal anesthesia. Our anaesthesiologists will re-apply. The duration of action of spinal anesthesia is about three hours. After these three hours, the effects disappear completely. It is important to us to ensure that pregnant women go through this process without any problems.

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