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CU Department of Public Health Lecturer Prof. Dr. Ertan Kara warned during Eid al-Adha by talking about infectious diseases and situations that pose a risk to human health. Explaining that preference should be given to animals that have passed veterinary checks, that are healthy and have earrings, and that the slaughter places should be sterile, Prof. Dr. Ertan Kara said that otherwise people could face diseases that are difficult to treat. can be defined and can sometimes even lead to death.

Pointing out that some diseases that cannot be noticed while being sacrificed can be seen during slaughter and cutting, Prof Dr Ertan Kara said: “For example, I would like to warn them not to eat it if they see something that deviates from the normal structure like your body in the animal offal, in the meat or in the muscle Also if we see something else in the liver what is known to the people as a dog cyst facing rock water in the liver, also certainly in humans.” We must take precautions to prevent it from being eaten, do not splash into the mouth, nose and eyes. We should not give it to our dear friends whom we feed at home. Because they can also get sick or those diseases can complete their cycle in their own body and then infect people,” he said.

Cyst warning in offal of sacrificial animals


Prof. Dr. Kara listed the health problems that can occur in humans if the offal containing cysts is consumed as follows:

“The symptoms of this do not occur in the early period. The effects can appear years later in a person who consumes this cystic flesh. This can be noticed by a careful physician or it can be noticed by chance. It can be seen in an ultrasound or in movies made for any other reason Liver cyst or dog cyst it usually lodges in the liver When it lodges in the opening of the gallbladder or near the ducts it can grow and block the duct of block the gallbladder. Effects can appear years later in people who consume this meat. It causes jaundice and obstruction of the gallbladder. The procedure is quite difficult for both the doctor and the person. It is a tough and demanding job.”


As a suggestion for the cooking method, especially for the elderly and people with chronic diseases in the consumption of sacrificial meat, Prof. Dr. Ertan Kara said: “Especially 90 percent of the elderly have at least one chronic disease, such as blood pressure, diabetes or the digestive system. Fresh meat is very difficult to digest. Therefore, people with chronic diseases and the elderly should consume less if possible, and the meat of animals slaughtered on the first day should be consumed for a long time. “It will facilitate digestion if left for a while is cooked. It will cause less harm to human digestion. When cooking, meat should be consumed after keeping it in the freezer section of the refrigerator for 3-5 hours if possible. This process is necessary to kill the animal’s muscle cells. We recommend prepping and cooking them after they’re done,” he said.

Recalling the scenes of cutting in front of the houses or on the sides of the canals in the city, Prof. Kara has stated that this situation can also cause diseases such as anthrax, adding that local governments must now take precautions.

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