Dangers of fake sunglasses

Providing information on what to look for when choosing sunglasses, Ophthalmology Specialist Op. dr. “The glass of the sunglasses must be of high quality. The Ministry of Health has imposed a registration certificate on all imported sunglasses. You should definitely buy your glasses with the certificate. The most important thing is that the glasses must have a registration that cuts it ultraviolet light,” said Fatih Edge.


Listing the harm poor quality sunglasses can cause, Op. Dr. “Fake sunglasses are products that do not block the sunlight like real sunglasses or do not have proper quality and safety standards. Therefore, using fake sunglasses can be dangerous for eye health.

Kiss. Dr. Edge said the following about the dangers of fake sunglasses:

“No UV protection: Real sunglasses offer special protection designed to block harmful UV rays. The retina can be greatly affected by harmful sun rays. Looking directly at the sun’s rays causes many diseases. Diseases such as retinal damage and cataracts are some of them. For this reason, it is necessary to use sunglasses to protect our eyes in sunny weather, especially in summer. However, poor quality sunglasses enlarge the pupils of the eyes when they allow ultraviolet rays to pass through. This allows more harmful rays to enter the eye. The retina is adversely affected, resulting in discomfort. With counterfeit glasses, this protection is often absent or ineffective. UV rays can affect your eyes and the delicate tissues around them, causing serious problems such as cataracts, macular degeneration, and eye burns.

“Eye fatigue and insufficient contrast: low-quality lenses are often used in fake glasses. This puts extra strain on the eyes and can cause eye strain. It can also provide insufficient contrast, which can hinder your vision and put even more strain on your eyes.

Misleading sun protection: Some of the fake glasses use dark lenses to reduce the sun’s glare. However, this can trick the eyes into exposing them to more light. Your eyes can become damaged because they are more open to sunlight.

“Incorrect optical quality: the lenses of counterfeit glasses are often made of low-quality materials. This can cause optical distortions, blurred vision or headaches.

“Risk of breakage: The frames of fake sunglasses are usually made of non-durable materials. This can easily break or shatter the glasses. Broken or shattered glasses can damage the eyes and cause serious injury.”

Emphasizing that it is very important to choose original and quality products from a reliable source when buying sunglasses, Op. Dr Edge said: “By choosing reliable opticians, opticians or brands, you can protect your eye health and protect yourself from the harmful effects of the sun. Especially sunglasses that are sold on the street should definitely not be bought. These glasses also cause nearsightedness, farsightedness or astigmatic, what we call refractive errors,” he said.

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