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Purple color home decor is a great way to add a mystical atmosphere to your rooms and create a unique charm. Bold and impressive, the purple color creates an energetic atmosphere and when combined with harmonious colors it creates a striking effect. In this blog post you will discover how to decorate your home with purple and make an impression in different rooms. Step into the fascinating world of purple and bring your home to life with this color!

Use of purple in home decoration

Purple is a striking and impressive color that can be used in home decoration. Different shades of purple can be used in different areas of the home to add energy and elegance. Using purple in home decor is about choosing the right tones and combining them with harmonious elements. Here are some tips for using purple in home decor:


Purple color is a great option for creating a dramatic effect on the walls of a room. However, it is important to be careful with the use of intense and dark shades, as overuse can make the room appear smaller. By choosing lighter shades you create a spacious feeling in the room. It is also important to achieve balance by using it with white or neutral colors, as well as purple.


Purple furniture can add a sophisticated atmosphere to the rooms. A purple sofa or chair can add a sophisticated accent to the living room or bedroom. You can combine it with other furniture in neutral tones to use it in harmony with other furniture. You can also try different shades of purple on furniture and enliven the space.


Purple accessories are a great way to add colorful accents to home decor rooms. Accessories such as purple pillows, curtains, paintings or vases can instantly add vibrancy and charm to a room. You can also emphasize the decorative elements of the room by using it in combination with different patterns and textures.


Purple lighting options can add a different vibe to the rooms. Lamps or lampshades with shades of purple can provide a warm and mysterious lighting in the room. In addition, colored lights allow you to reflect purple tones in the room and create the atmosphere you want.

How should color harmony be in home decoration?

Purple color and decoration

Color harmony in home decoration is an important element that determines the atmosphere and appearance of a room. The right use of color helps to create the desired style and atmosphere and gives rooms a balanced and harmonious feeling. Here are some tips to ensure color harmony in home decoration:

Main color selection

The first step for a successful color match in home decor is the selection of primary colours. Primary colors are the basic colors that make up the overall palette of the room. When working with purple, it’s important to be careful to create a palette that works well with other colors. Neutral colors, such as white, gray or beige, are a perfect balance with purple tones. At the same time, you can maintain balance in the room by using it in combination with tones of other colors.

Creation of a color bank

Color bank is a method that allows you to use different colors in your room in a proportional way. Newst by determining the colors that go with the purple tones you’ve chosen as your main color. Complementary colors can bring vitality and balance to a room, such as shades of yellow or green, which are the opposite of purple. Analogous colors create a softer harmony, such as blue or pink, which are closer to purple. On the color bank, add neutral colors that are compatible with the main color to balance the colors in the room between the different elements and maintain harmony.

Color distribution in rooms

It is common for different rooms in the house to have different color palettes. It is important to ensure color harmony when transitioning from one purple room to another. You can use common elements to soften color transitions. For example, you can create a connection between rooms by using accessories in the same color or furniture in the same neutral tones. The use of neutral colors as transition colors in corridors or open spaces also makes transitions smoother.

The right combination of patterns and textures

It is important to consider patterns and textures when creating color harmony. A patterned armchair or textured rug next to a purple wall can create depth and interest in a room. When choosing patterns and textures, make sure they are in harmony with the main colors for color harmony. You can also create a visually appealing balance by complementing patterns and textures.

Color balance

To achieve color harmony, the colors in the room should be used in a balanced way. An overused color in the room can make the space feel cramped or tiresome. Using furniture and accessories in neutral colors along with purple walls helps maintain the overall balance of the room. It is also important to use colors that match the size of the room. Instead of using an intense purple shade in a small room, switch to lighter and pastel shades.

What color paint goes to purple couches?

Purple color and decoration

By choosing a purple sofa, you can create a striking centerpiece in your home. However, it is important to make the right decision when choosing the color of the walls around the sofa. Choosing colors to match the purple armchairs will keep the room balanced and stand out. Here are some tips for choosing the right paint color for purple couches:

Neutral tones

They are neutral colors that go perfectly with purple armchairs. Neutral tones such as white, gray and beige are ideal for balancing the color of the purple sofa. These colors calm the general atmosphere of the room and make the armchair stand out. Walls in neutral tones also make the room appear larger and more spacious.

pastel shades

Choosing pastel colors for purple sofas creates a soft atmosphere in the room. Pastel colors such as pink, lavender or light blue create a calm atmosphere in the room and keep the purple sofa lively. These shades provide a balancing effect in a room where the sofa is colorful and eye-catching.

Tinted colours

Choosing tonal colors that match the tone of your purple sofa will create a harmonious look in the room. If your couch is a darker shade of purple, you can use lighter shades of purple on the walls. So, while creating tones in the room, the color of the sofa also stands out. Likewise, if your couch is a lighter shade of purple, you can use a darker, richer purple on the walls.

Contrasting colours

Contrasting colors are one option you can use to create contrast with your purple couch. Anti-purple colors such as yellow or orange give your sofa a colorful and dynamic look. However, you should be careful when painting with contrasting colors, as overuse can create an eye-strain effect in the room. For this reason, it may be preferable to use contrasting colors in lighter shades on the walls.

Colors compatible with purple in decoration

Purple color and decoration

Purple is a powerful color that can create a striking and impressive effect when used in home decoration. It is important to choose harmonious colors so that purple can be used wonderfully in the decoration of your home. By choosing colors that go with purple, you can maintain balance in your room and create visual appeal. Here are some examples of colors that go well with purple:


The combination of purple and gray colors creates a modern and stylish look. Gray balances the intensity of purple and creates a calm atmosphere in the room. In combination with dark purple tones, gray creates a contrast in the room and accentuates the purple. In addition, in combination with light gray tones, purple armchairs or walls, it creates spaciousness and elegance in the room.


Combining purple and white colors creates a sense of space and elegance in the room. White balances the vibrancy and intensity of purple and creates a bright atmosphere in the room. When white walls or furniture are combined with purple accessories or armchairs, you can get a modern and sophisticated look in the room. At the same time, the clean and calm effect of white makes purple-colored elements appear more prominent and eye-catching.


The combination of purple and green colors creates a natural and energetic atmosphere. The intensity of purple in combination with the vibrancy of green creates a striking balance in the space. Green plants and flowers in combination with purple walls or furniture create a natural feeling in the room. You can create a nature theme in your room by using different shades of green and accessories with plant patterns.


The combination of purple and yellow colors creates an energetic and lively atmosphere. The depth of purple in combination with the brightness of yellow provides vitality and warmth to the room. Yellow accessories in combination with purple walls or furniture provide a sunny effect in the room. Also, pastel shades of yellow and purple come together to create a romantic feel and can create a calm atmosphere in the room.

What types of decorating styles do purple walls go well with?

Purple-colored walls can be combined with different styles of decoration. It goes beautifully with modern, contemporary or minimalist styles and contrasts with vintage or boho styles. You can use purple to complement any style or to create a focal point.

How can I balance purple colored furniture?

You can choose neutral shades of wall colors to balance the purple furniture. Colors such as white, gray or beige make purple furniture stand out and provide a balanced look to the room. You can also achieve balance by using matching accessories and the right lighting.

What color curtains should I choose for a purple room?

To adapt to a purple room, choose curtains in neutral or light tones. Colors such as white, beige or gray create a feeling of air and space in the room, while creating a harmonious look with purple walls. At the same time, you can support your choice of curtains with accessories in shades of purple to complete the atmosphere of the room.

How should a purple room be lit?

It is important to use natural and artificial light correctly to illuminate a purple-colored room. If you have a lot of natural light, you can leave the curtains open to make the room look bright and spacious. For artificial light, you can choose light sources in soft and warm tones. If you want to create a particularly dark and romantic atmosphere, you can use soft light sources such as candlesticks or candles.

Which colors can I combine with purple accessories?

Purple accessories can be combined with colors such as white, grey, beige, black, gold or silver. These colors provide balance and contrast to the room and emphasize the vibrancy and richness of purple. You can also complement your purple accessories with natural elements such as green plants or pink flowers.

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