Delonghi Multigrill CGH1020D Features and Reviews

Toasters, which are indispensable for a delicious and cozy breakfast or to get hungry in the evening, are one of the indispensable items that make our lives easier. This is where the Delonghi Multigrill CGH1020D comes into play. It is a functional toaster that allows you to prepare delicious meals in the kitchen. With this kitchen tool you can not only make toast, but also grill and waffle. While doing all this, it is also possible to prepare different flavors thanks to the interchangeable plates.

The non-stick shape of each plate also pleases you in terms of cooking your food perfectly. The non-stick plate also stands out for its ease of cleaning.

Delonghi Multigrill CGH1020D Features

power 2000 watts
Plate Type To pour
cutting capacity 4
Cooking function 3
Height adjustment There is

Delonghi Multigrill CGH1020D Toaster

With its modern design, Delonghi Multigrill CGH1020D gives your kitchen a stylish look and its compact dimensions do not take up much space. So you can easily make everything you need in your kitchen.

Here are all the details about the Delonghi Multigrill CGH1020D toaster:

Delonghi Multigrill CGH1020D Design

The Delonghi Multigrill CGH1020D adds an extra dimension to the toaster experience. This stylish and modern machine, which draws a fine line with its stainless steel material, will add a fresh touch to your kitchen.

This machine, supported by the locking system, ensures that your toast is baked perfectly. The LED screen, in combination with the buttons for setting the temperature and time, ensures the most suitable toast setting. This way it is possible to enjoy your breakfast as you wish.

In addition, the Delonghi Multigrill CGH1020D can be used for making food such as grills and waffles thanks to its versatile use. With all these features, it saves you both time and space.

This makes the Delonghi Multigrill stand out for its unique design. Versatile with its locking system, LED screen, temperature and time setting buttons, this toaster adds a whole new dimension to your breakfast pleasure.

Delonghi Multigrill CGH1020D Capacity

cutting capacity 3
Flat grid 2 plates
Serrated grille 2 plates

The Delonghi Multigrill CGH1020D toaster is ideal for making delicious meals and perfect toasts. All 3 different cooking settings give you the freedom to choose. Specially designed to cook the way you want, this toaster plays a saving role in your home.

Thanks to the removable plates, cleaning is simple and practical. Plate sets include flat grille sets and serrated grille sets. This makes it possible to meet all your cooking needs. In addition, the non-stick plates facilitate the cooking process and make cleaning more practical.

Delonghi Multigrill CGH1020D Temperature setting

Delonghi Multi grill CGH1020D

Delonghi Multigrill CGH1020D toaster helps you to adjust the temperature control of the 2 plates with 2 independent knobs. This way it helps you to prepare your food ideally and you have the freedom to choose the most suitable cooking setting. In addition, 3 different cooking functions allow you to prepare your food the way you want.

Delonghi Multigrill CGH1020D Technical specifications

  • 2000 watts of power
  • 3 cooking levels
  • Set time and temperature
  • Cast plate function
  • non-stick coating
  • 9.2 kilograms weight
  • functional use
  • Modern and stylish design

Delonghi Multi grill CGH1020D

Delonghi Multigrill CGH1020D Advantages

The Delonghi Multigrill CGH1020D toaster is supported by three different cooking functions such as toast and grill. It thus makes it possible to easily prepare different types of food in the same appliance.

The two plates in the unit, with their independently adjustable temperature knobs, ensure that they all stay at the ideal temperature while simultaneously cooking different types of food.

Removable and non-adhesive plates also make cleaning much easier and ensure a long service life.

The large surface of the grills allows you to prepare more food at the same time.

The oil drain function also helps prevent excess oil from accumulating when cooking fatty foods.

Disadvantages of Delonghi Multigrill CGH1020D

The Delonghi Multigrill CGH1020D toaster has a higher price point than other toasters, making it a disadvantage for users on a budget.

In addition, because the dimensions of the device are larger than other toasters, it takes up more space in the kitchen. It may not be ideal for users with small kitchens.

Although the plates of the Delonghi Multigrill CGH1020D toaster are removable, changing the plates can be a bit time consuming. Therefore, it may not be enough for users who want to prepare food quickly.

Delonghi Multi grill CGH1020D

Delonghi Multigrill CGH1020D Size

Height 185mm
Width 458mm
Depth 343mm
Weight 9.2 kg

The Delonghi Multigrill CGH1020D toaster stands out with a height of 185 mm, a width of 458 mm and a depth of 343 mm. In addition, it has a very strong and durable structure with a weight of 9.2 kg.

Delonghi Multigrill CGH1020D User Reviews

Delonghi Multi grill CGH1020D

Here are the positive and negative comments from users of Delonghi Multigrill CGH1020D:

💬 We are very happy with the product, it really deserves its money, I even made a steak with my mother with this toaster. We were very satisfied.

💬 Very very good, probably the most successful toaster and grill in its class.

💬 Very successful and high quality, a little expensive, but it deserves its price. There is no toaster nearby.

💬We are very satisfied, it does not stick at all, it heats up very quickly, it has a shut-off function, it has a waste container.

💬 With the purchase of the product, prices have risen again, I think we made a very good decision, the product is highly recommended. Get your money’s worth, it’s not a product that will let you down.

💬 We tried it for both grill and toast, both did very well. I thought about buying it because of the price, but if the budget allows it, it’s a good product.

💬 Delonghi has shown its difference, the product is very high quality and it cooks well.

💬 We are very satisfied, the grilled toast really succeeded, I recommend it. Excellent product.

💬 The product is very good, but it is a shame that the booklet of such an expensive product does not contain Turkish, although there are many languages ​​​​from Kazakh to Finnish. Thanks to the seller by the way.

💬 The product is very beautiful, but the user manual is not in Turkish, it does not connect to the application, I am stuck with it, there is an oil reservoir under it, excess oil collects there.

Scoring and rating

The Delonghi Multigrill CGH1020D heats up quickly with a power of 2000 watts, while you set the time and temperature yourself. At the same time, the non-stick coated pouring plate makes cleaning easy for you. Our score is 9 out of 10 for this toaster, which you can use for breakfast, lunch or in the evening.

In this part of our content we answer frequently asked questions about the Delonghi Multigrill CGH1020D toaster. Here are frequently asked questions about the Delonghi Multigrill CGH1020D:

How many plates does the Delonghi Multigrill CGH1020D toaster have?

The Delonghi Multigrill CGH1020D toaster has two removable plates. In addition, the plates of the toaster are provided with a non-stick coating.

How many cooking functions does the Delonghi Multigrill CGH1020D toaster have?

The Delonghi Multigrill CGH1020D toaster has three cooking functions: toast & panini, 180° fully open and “oven grill”.

Which dishes can be prepared with the Delonghi Multigrill CGH1020D toaster?

The Delonghi Multigrill CGH1020D toaster can be used to prepare many foods, such as burgers, paninis, meat, fish and vegetables.

How do you set the temperature of the Delonghi Multigrill CGH1020D toaster?

The Delonghi Multigrill CGH1020D toaster has two independent temperature control knobs and the temperature can be adjusted via these knobs.

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