Delonghi PAC AN97 Portable Air Conditioner Features and Reviews

Delonghi PAC AN97, one of the preferred portable air conditioners for cooling in the summer months, attracts attention with its high performance. This product, which can be easily transported to the desired location due to its mobility, offers ideal solutions for both office and home use. This air conditioner, which also regulates the balance of the environment, thus creates a comfortable space.

This content, which we have prepared based on all of them, contains detailed information about Delonghi PAC AN97. When you are ready, let’s get to know the Delonghi PAC AN97 portable air conditioner better.

Delonghi PAC AN97 Technical Specifications

Cooling capacity 10700 BTU
Power: 1020W
Volume: 63dB
Energy class: a

Delonghi PAC AN97 portable air conditioner review

Delonghi PAC AN97 is an ideal option to provide a comfortable environment in hot weather due to its high performance and easy to use features. The portable design of Delonghi PAC AN97 makes it easy to move to different rooms. Thanks to the wheels and carrying handle, you can easily take it with you wherever you go. This way you can control the temperature in the rooms where you need it most. In addition to its high performance, this product, which gets top marks from its users for its energy savings, attracts particles in the air thanks to its filters.

Delonghi PAC AN97 Design

Delonghi PAC AN97 has a stylish and convenient design. With its compact and portable structure, the Delonghi PAC AN97, which you can easily place in any room, allows you to move comfortably thanks to its wheels and handle. In addition, this product, which gives an aesthetic appearance to your interior with its stylish and modern appearance, ensures ease of use thanks to its LED screen.

Delonghi PAC AN97 Dimensions

Width: 449mm
Height: 750mm
Depth: 395mm

Delonghi PAC AN97 Air Conditioner Performance

Delonghi PAC AN97

Delonghi PAC AN97 offers effective cooling performance. Thanks to the high cooling power and the powerful fan system, the Delonghi PAC AN97 consumes 1020W of power, making the environment cold in a short time even on the hottest summer days. This product, which has a cooling capacity of 10,700 BTU, gets full marks from its users.

This air conditioner, which cleans the particles in the air thanks to the air filter, ensures a healthier environment. In addition, thanks to the “Real Feel” technology, which makes breathing easier by simultaneously affecting the temperature and humidity of the environment, this portable air conditioner offers a comfortable environment. This product, with a noise level of 63 dB, offers the possibility to use it comfortably even at night, because it does not make any disturbing noise while working.

Delonghi PAC AN97, which works automatically at your desired time thanks to the timer function, helps you sleep comfortably by observing the correct temperature value at night thanks to the sleep mode. This product, which evenly distributes heat to the environment thanks to its 2-way air emission, immediately reports the weather conditions of the day thanks to the artificial intelligence function.

Delonghi PAC AN97 filter functions

Delonghi PAC AN97, which has an effective filtration system, provides clean air by capturing dust, pollen and other particles in the air. The filter system, which helps people with allergies to breathe easier, offers both comfort and cooling. The filter system, which must be replaced and cleaned regularly, has a major impact on the performance of the air conditioner.

Delonghi PAC AN97

Delonghi PAC AN97 Energy consumption and impact

Delonghi PAC AN97, which consumes 1020 W of energy, is appreciated by its users for its low energy consumption compared to its performance. This product, which has a cooling efficiency of A, appears with 2.6 WW in its energy efficiency ratio. In addition, thanks to the timer function, you prevent unnecessary energy consumption because you can switch the air conditioner on and off at any time. This portable air conditioner, which is suitable for use in a room of 100 square meters, spreads all the heat homogeneously from the moment it starts working.

Delonghi PAC AN97 User Reviews

Delonghi PAC AN97

👤 Cooling only. I have been using it at home for 3 years. A very successful product. As our friend mentioned in the comment above, it is true that he uses half of the cooled air to cool his own engine and throws it out, but this allows fresh air from elsewhere to enter the room. IA***

👤 The product cools well, we are happy, we recommend it. HORSE***

👤 I was hesitant to try this brand for the first time, but it cools well. In the summer we work comfortably in the shop. H*** M****

👤 The properties of the product are very good, you can feel that it absorbs the humidity in the environment and it offers a really refreshing cold. We’ve been using it for about 3 months now and we’ve had no problems. D**** U***

👤 It is a product that I recommend to those who are considering buying a portable air conditioner and I am glad that I bought it. S*** B***

👤 Since I am a renter, I had to buy a mobile air conditioner, I am glad I chose this product and I do not regret it. Easy to use, easy to install, good performance. F**** M***

👤 There were those who said it doesn’t get hot in the comments, but the product doesn’t have a heating function anyway. I would definitely recommend it to friends who will buy it, of course there is some noise, but it does not bother. K*** K***

👤 It offers ease of use thanks to its LED screen. We also use it in a room of 70 square meters, it makes it cold, it is a top product for those who want to cool down in the summer. J**** N****

👤 In the summer we never close day and night. When we sit, we move it to the bedroom before sleeping in the living room. This way we cool down everywhere we are with one air conditioner. We are happy to recommend it. SO****

What is the Delonghi Real Feel feature?

The Real Feel function is a technology that simultaneously measures both the ambient temperature and the humidity balance of the air conditioner. This technology, specially developed for the Delonghi brand, simultaneously provides the environment with the necessary heat, while the humidity remains in balance.

What is Delonghi for?

The Delonghi brand is an Italian brand that was founded in the 1950s. Delonghi is constantly renewing itself and distinguishes itself through its stylish models.

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