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In recent years, as the number of university graduates has increased year by year and globalization has strengthened the potential of anyone with language skills to work in companies operating in different countries, starting a new life abroad is also a dream for employees in Turkey .

The research on youth well-being conducted by the Habitat Association found that 43% of young people wanted to settle abroad, while international migration statistics published by the Turkish Statistical Institute confirmed this trend. Erdal Gökhan Güneş, the founder of, which provides visa advisory services when moving abroad, shared his evaluations on the subject.


The digitization of business processes and the ability of the internet to create off-site jobs anywhere in the world has spread trends such as working abroad, freelancing, freelancing or digital nomadism around the world. As governments develop special solutions for those who want to live and work in their country with options such as startup visa, entrepreneur visa, investor visa, nomad visa, companies have put together relocation packages to recruit qualified workers from different markets.

The Expat Insider 2022 survey, conducted among people working in a country other than their country of origin, found that Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, offers the best work-life balance for those who work abroad. It is noteworthy that 7 out of 10 countries preferred by those who want to work abroad are in Europe.


Working abroad has become attractive not only for employees, but also for entrepreneurs and startup owners. Entrepreneurs who want to expand their business in Europe, start their operations abroad and take advantage of the talent pools and tax advantages of different countries have started looking for ways to start a company abroad. Estonia, Finland and Denmark emerged as among the countries that managed to become the favorite of the Turkish entrepreneurial ecosystem, mainly because of the convenience they offer technology startups. These countries facilitated the process of establishing a company and settling abroad for business owners with different visa options, such as an entrepreneur visa and a start-up visa. In addition, the development of business models and consultancy services in this context enabled entrepreneurs to receive support in setting up a business and accounting in different countries.


Those who want to emigrate or move abroad for work or training can more easily obtain the visas and work permits they need to live and work in that country, with innovative business models from consulting firms, after determining which country they go. Among the visa types preferred by people emigrating abroad, the following stand out:

Start-up Visa: These visas, issued by countries such as Denmark, Estonia and Finland, for talented entrepreneurs to fulfill their growth dreams, provide entrepreneurs with a comprehensive business plan, such as residence and work permits in the respective country.

Entrepreneur Visa: Anyone over the age of 18 can apply for this visa type, which is eligible for entrepreneurs with innovative business ideas who have not previously established a company in Finland.

Investor Visa: E2 Investor Visa, which is given by the US, can be cited as an example of this visa type, which allows people with financial resources to settle in the country they want to move to by making permanent investments.

Nomad visa: This type of visa, called Zivno in the Czech Republic and No Lucrativa in Spain, allows digital nomads to obtain residency in these countries. These visas generally do not require individuals to work on payroll in that country.

Passive income visa: Passive income visa, named by Portugal with the code D7, provides for giving a residence permit for 2 years to people who earn passive income through investments, rental properties, retirement.

US green card: With the Green Card, which gives a residence and work permit for 5 years in the US, people can settle in the United States with their families.

Erdal Gokhan Gunes founder Erdal Gökhan Güneş stated that Turkey is a strong talent market for companies abroad and said: “The realization that it is not necessary to be in the office to perform business processes has led to an awareness in the business world , which faces a shortage of talent, that they also have access to talents in different countries. Especially companies in European countries want to hire qualified personnel in Turkey with the advantage of the exchange rate difference. In addition, companies in these positions even offer relocation packages that include services such as temporary housing, flexible start-up times, freight transport, storage spaces. Employees can obtain work and residence permits abroad by using, among other things, a nomad visa.

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