Depression Can Start in the Womb – Health News

Specialist clinical psychologist Aslıhan Er stated that depression can also be seen in babies in the womb, and attributed the main cause of depression in the womb to the stress of expectant mothers. In his statement on the subject, Er said, “When a pregnant mother gives birth to a fetus, she transfers the distress and stress she experiences to the baby. When he transfers it to the baby, the baby starts at a stressful way to grow up and the stress starts to go through the stages,” he said.


Aslıhan Er drew attention to the fact that depression in children begins in the womb and said, “When we look at the cause of depression in children, we see that the emotional stress experienced by the mother, poverty or any stress experienced by the mother during childhood and even in the fetal stage in the womb of the mother are transmitted to the child along with fear. When we say how this happens, we, normal adult individuals, transfer the stress we get when we have a problem to our body. Things like headaches, dizziness, numbness in the neck, tremors in the hands, palpitations are transmitted to our body. When a pregnant mother finds her fetus, the stress of her distress is transferred to the baby. When transferred to the baby, the baby begins to grow up in a stressful manner and the stresses of the stages begin to pass. There are rumors among the people that “the baby is born with depression” and that the baby can definitely be born with depression. How We Understand This Since the baby grows up with stress from the womb and feels everything, a depressed delivery can occur at the time of birth.


Expressing that the gas pains and crying spells in babies could be caused by depression within the 40 days after birth, Er said: “If the mother does not relax during the pregnancy process and does not get away from stress, the child can make it chronic. It can develop from the childhood stage to the egocentric stage, to the 0-5 years old stage.What we will do here is certainly psychotherapy if we have difficulties that we cannot overcome in the beginning, or it can be family counseling in any process.I guess to get support. However, the chance of postpartum depression after childbirth is much higher with prenatal stress. I recommend getting good support for this. The healthier the mothers, the healthier their children will be. In other words, if the mother is healthy, the baby receives the milk sucked from the mother’s breast in a healthy way.

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