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Dermatology specialist Dr. Nihan Yüksel Çanakçı provided important information about the origin and treatment of wrinkles on the skin. Dr. Çanakçı said: “The epidermis gives strength to the skin with its intense keratin content; The dermis, the deeper and thicker layer, makes the skin tight and taut with its dense collagen fibers, and flexible with elastin fibers.

“The skin gradually loses its moist, supple, taut and tense state”

Dr. Dr. Çanakçı said: “There is a decrease in the water and oil ratio of the skin with age. Thus, the skin gradually loses its moist, flexible, taut and taut state, and wrinkles begin to develop. This natural aging process is first influenced by the genetic background. While this process of destruction may be slow in some, it may be very rapid in others.

“UV radiation shows wrinkles early”

Dr. Çanakçı stated that apart from the gene structure, there are many environmental factors called exposomes in the development of wrinkles that they are exposed to throughout their lives: “The main one is ultraviolet radiation (UV). Intense UV exposure causes disruption of the structure of collagen and elastin fibers in the dermis and destruction of the fibers. This accelerates the natural aging process and eases the early appearance of wrinkles. Intense stress, consumption of cigarettes and alcohol, sleep disorders, eating foods with a high glycemic index and additives, medicines, chronic diseases also negatively affect the structure of the skin, accelerating its destruction process.

“Wrinkle treatment should be preventive and protective”

Dr. Çanakçı said it is extremely important to moisturize the skin regularly, perform procedures to improve the quality of the skin according to the age and needs of the skin, to protect from the sun, to pay attention to sleep patterns and diet. Emphasizing that the main building block and need for skin moisture is “hyaluronic acid,” Dr. Çanakçı said, “In addition to supporting the skin with serums and moisturizers containing surface hyaluronic acid, mesotherapy applications, which contain both hyaluronic acid and active molecules that can be injected into the lower support layers of the skin, significantly improve skin quality when performed at regular intervals, called “juvenile vaccine, fluid vaccine”.

“Botox can be applied when wrinkles have developed”

In addition, energy-based treatments such as laser, radiofrequency, microneedling (dermapen, gold needle), broad spectrum light therapy (BBL), high intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) also support collagen production. Çanakçı said: “The combined application of these treatments increases the effect of each other and increases the quality of the skin. Once wrinkles have formed and are beginning to deepen, botulinum toxin applications, known as botox, for the treatment of mimicking wrinkles and fillings can be applied to appropriate areas for firm wrinkles and collapses,” he said.

Stress, sleeping patterns, healthy food are important against wrinkles.

Dr. Apart from this, Çanakçı stated that keeping the skin clean and well hydrated in the daily skin care routine, using serums with active ingredients such as vitamins A and C, hyaluronic acid, niacinamide and regular use of sunscreen prevents wrinkle formation. He pointed out that reducing stress, paying attention to sleeping patterns, eating seasonal and natural foods, staying away from substances toxic to the body such as cigarettes and alcohol are other details one should pay attention to in one’s life.

Dr. Çanakçı said: “Your dermatologist is the right address for a good personal evaluation and planning.”

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