Dijitsu VN06A Pedestal Fan Features and Reviews

Dijitsu VN06A, the choice of those looking for a cooling fan with its powerful performance and stylish design, is suitable for use in both home and office environments. Providing a spacious atmosphere on hot summer days, Dijitsu VN06A pedestal fan attracts attention with its many features. This standing fan, which is practical to use with its time setting, offers comfortable use even in dark environments thanks to its lighting lamp. Let’s take a closer look at the Dijitsu VN06A pedestal fan, which everyone who uses it likes to mention.

Digitsu VN06A Technical Specifications

Type paid
power 45W
Control method Manually
Number of oscillation directions 2
Number of speed stages 3

Digitsu VN06A Pedestal Fan Review

Praised for its ergonomic design, Dijitsu VN06A gets full marks from its users with its convenient control panel. In addition to its modern and stylish appearance, this standing fan, which is also easy to use in the dark thanks to the lighting lamp, offers comfort through its silent operation. This pedestal fan, with a length of 145 cm, provides effective freshness to the environment with its 3-blade propeller and offers 3 different speed settings, low, medium and high, depending on the needs of the person.

Thanks to the 120-minute timer function, Dijitsu VN06A runs on the same command for the time you set and then turns off, providing energy efficiency. Because it circulates and returns the air in the environment, it does not cause headaches. In addition, this pedestal fan, which does not cause problems such as a dry throat by maintaining the humidity balance in the environment, operates at 45 watts:

Dijitsu VN06A pedestal fan design

Digitsu VN06A

Digitsu VN06A, which easily fits into small environments thanks to its compact leg structure that does not take up much space, attracts attention with its white color and modern design. Dijitsu VN06A, which refreshes the environment with its swivel head as well as its swing function, offers a need-based use with its ability to change the height setting. Digitsu VN06A pedestal fan, which has a 16 inch propeller size, effectively refreshes the environment due to its 3 blades. The Dijitsu VN06A, which was criticized for not having a remote control, makes up for this lack with its user-friendly panel and time setting. This product, which offers a safe use thanks to its metal cage, has a length of 145 cm.

Digitsu VN06A Design features

Diameter 16 inches
max. Height 145 cm
Colour White
Propeller 3 wings

Digitsu VN06A Work performance

Digitsu VN06A

Dijitsu VN06A pedestal fan with 45 watt motor power operates at 50 Hz frequency. Dijitsu VN06A, which gets full marks from its users due to its low electricity consumption, quickly cools down the environment in which it is located. Dijitsu VN06A pedestal fan, which provides the needed cool air thanks to its ability to operate in 3 different speed settings, offers a comfortable experience as it offers quiet operation compared to its performance. This standing fan, which works for 120 minutes with the set functions thanks to the timer function, switches off automatically without you having to get up.

Digitsu VN06A Energy consumption and area of ​​use

Dijitsu VN06A, which saves energy by optimizing electricity consumption thanks to its smart energy management system, works in an environmentally friendly way. Dijitsu VN06A, which consumes 4.48 kWh of electricity in continuous use for 4 hours, does not cause major differences in electricity bills. The pedestal fan, which can be used in small and medium-sized rooms, cools in a short time when placed in the right size environment.

Digitsu VN06A oscillation function

Digitsu VN06A, which you can adapt to your needs thanks to its adjustable height and swivel head, oscillates in 2 directions. This pedestal fan, which can automatically rotate in two different directions, right and left, also provides equal air everywhere with its head that can be adjusted up and down.

Digitsu VN06A installation

Digitsu VN06A

Digitsu VN06A offers its customers a fast usage experience with its easy installation. The pedestal fan, which is shipped in parts in the box, includes all necessary materials for assembly. The first step in the assembly process is to attach the rear cage to the motor section. Then mount the propeller blade properly. After you have successfully completed these steps, you will need to attach the front cage and rear cage together. Then place the two-piece mounting feet crossed over each other and attach the adjustable tube. After these operations, you need to connect the propeller head and base together. After completing all these simple operations, you can start the fan by plugging it in.

Reviews of Digitsu VN06A

👤 N*** E**** Timer available, plastic except cage. Even at 1st level he blows very well, at 1st level he doesn’t work too hard, he goes to sleep. There were some deformations in the foot area, but that’s not a hindrance. Shipping is a bit slow

👤 O**** G*** The product arrived intact, it is easy to install and easy to set up, I think it is good enough for the mid-range

👤 Ö***** K**** Well packaged, delivered within 2 days. The product works very quietly. It’s good that it’s timed, set it to close at the end of time. The propeller grille seemed a bit weak to me, but that’s not a problem. I bought it from the seller’s own store for a very reasonable price. But I still bought the product for twice last year’s price.

👤 S**** K*** It’s a nice product, so I don’t think much better can be expected for this price. It is very easy to set up and does not make much noise.

👤 M**** A**** Nice product for the price. If the price was high I wouldn’t recommend it. But for this price I think it’s pretty good. It’s not quiet, but it makes a normal sound. The first level is strong. He does his job well. Part of it broke while I put the cover on. The materials are of the lowest quality. But I think that’s why the price is so low.

👤 S**** O**** The product does its job more than enough. In the 2nd stage we cool down to a distance of 3-4 meters without noise. There was a creaking while it was spinning in a ridiculous way, it was a small thing, but the noise bothered me a lot, I’m adding the solution to the photo, I solved it by cutting the plastic piece a little. I don’t know if they all have sound. Nice and quiet for the price.

👤 F***** T**** It works for its price. I will use it to quickly transfer the cold from the air conditioner to other rooms. It vibrates slightly due to the balance in the propeller. How much you work, you get the amount for your work. I am satisfied with my first impression.

👤 F**** B**** The product is a very nice complete f / p product. It works silently and gives enough air, even on setting 1.

👤 A*** P**** So it works. The plastic device attached to the bottom was missing. That’s to avoid vibrations and make sure you don’t hit the ground. I don’t know if they will ship. It would be better if the cable was a bit longer.

👤 R***** S**** A very nice product setup, we did it, all parts were complete

👤 Z**** G**** Pretty nice. Something elegant. Hopefully it lasts a long time.

👤 E**** C***** Performance according to the price of the product. I like it.

How do I install the Digitsu VN06A fan?

Installing the Digitsu VN06A pedestal fan is quite easy. All necessary parts for assembly are included in the box and there are step-by-step instructions in the owner’s manual.

What is the power consumption of Digitsu VN06A?

Digitsu VN06A is an energy efficient product. It has low power consumption and saves electricity.

How loud is the Dijitsu VN06A fan?

Thanks to its silent operation, Digitsu VN06A operates at a minimum noise level and offers an experience without disturbing noises.

What are the Dijitsu VN06A fan speed settings?

The Digitsu VN06A fan offers three different speed settings, allowing users to easily adjust the cooling level according to their needs.

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