Dijitsu VN10 Tower Fan Features and Reviews

Digitsu VN10, which will help to make your environment freezing in hot summer days, attracts the attention of many people with its negative ion function. This fan, which ensures a healthy environment by eliminating dust, dirt, viruses and bacteria with its negative ion technology, adapts to many places with its stylish design. Dijitsu VN10 Tower Type Fan, which offers comfortable use with its remote control, operates in 3 different speed settings. Dijitsu VN10, which also has a timer function, is one of the best fan models. For this reason, our content contains all the information about Dijitsu VN10.

Digitsu VN10 Technical Specifications

Type Tower type
power 50W
Number of levels 3
Rotation angle 75°

Dijitsu VN10 tower fan review

Dijitsu VN10 adapts to any space with its stylish and modern design and is suitable for both home and office. Dijitsu VN10, made of high-quality materials, is distinguished by its durability and long-term use. Digitsu VN10, which has a 2-way swing function, operates in 3 different speed settings. This tower-type fan, which can rotate at an angle of 75 degrees, can be easily adjusted from the digital display and controlled by the remote control. In addition, this product, which helps to get an idea of ​​​​the environment thanks to the possibility of displaying the room temperature, gets full marks from its users with its ionizer function. This product, which does not take up much space with its tower-like design, offers the possibility to be used comfortably even while sleeping, thanks to its silent operation.

Here is detailed information about Dijitsu VN10 Tower Fan…

Digitsu VN10 design

Digitsu VN10 tower fan

Dijitsu VN10 offers an aesthetic look to spaces with its elegant and stylish design and adds a modern atmosphere to its environment. Easy to use with its LED screen, this product, thanks to its thin and long structure, can be used even in the narrowest of spaces. This tower fan, which can rotate left and right thanks to its design, has a large round base to prevent tipping. This product, which also attracts attention with its compact remote control, offers a noble appearance with its black color.

Digitsu VN10 design features

Height 110cm
Width 200mm
Depth 180mm
Colour Black

Dijitsu VN10 fan working performance

Digitsu VN10 tower fan

Dijitsu VN10, which circulates air effectively thanks to its high performance and fan system, has a motor power of 50 watts. Dijitsu VN10 Tower Type Fan, working in 3 different levels as low, medium and high, cools the environment in a short time. In addition, Dijitsu VN10, which creates a more hygienic environment that attracts dust, dirt, viruses and bacteria in the air due to its ionizer function, is especially preferred by asthma patients who want to cool down. This fan, which with all this performance attracts attention with its quiet operation, is also one of the most ideal options for cooling down on summer evenings. Digitsu VN10, with motor protection against overheating, has a timer function between 1 and 23 hours.

Digitsu VN10 Electricity consumption

Digitsu VN10 offers energy efficiency with low power consumption. It keeps your electricity bill low and delivers high performance thanks to its cleverly designed motor and fan system. Digitsu VN10, which has an energy-efficient operating principle, consumes 50 watts of energy per hour.

Dijitsu VN10 Tower Fan Material Grade

Digitsu VN10 tower fan

Digitsu VN10 is made of durable plastic material and will provide many years of use as it is resistant to shock. Metal is used in key parts of the product’s inner mechanism, which is completely plastic on the outside. This way there is no problem even after hours of use.

Digitsu VN10 Ionizer function

Dijitsu VN10 Tower Type Fan makes the air around you cleaner and more spacious with its ionizer function. The ionizer works by combining with the blower fan system and dispersing the negative ions into the air. These ions bind to air molecules, causing dust, pollen, smoke and other airborne pollutants to become heavier and settle on the ground.

Dijitsu VN10 Tower Fan Oscillation Function

Digitsu VN10 tower fan

Despite being a tower type fan, the Dijitsu VN10’s design allows it to oscillate to both sides, right and left, thus protecting against the effect of cold shocks. The fan, which oscillates at regular intervals, distributes the cold air evenly throughout the environment.

Digitsu VN10 tower fan installation

You only need to operate the Dijitsu VN10 fan, which offers practical use for users, as it comes exclusively with the soccer part, by simply plugging it in. As soon as you press the button on it, LED display buttons appear on the bottom, so you can easily make the desired setting. In addition, it offers the possibility to operate and give commands not only from the screen, but also from the remote control.

Dijitsu VN10 tower fan reviews

👤 M**** K***** The product is one click better quality and more powerful than standard pedestal fans. If you plan to buy a fan, keep in mind that it does not have a cooling function. They only move the air, creating a wind effect. You feel this wind like coolness. They are in between an air conditioner and a regular fan. Never expect an air conditioner. It is a great advantage that it has a remote control and writes the room temperature on it. When you take the remote in your hand, you realize how fake the remote is. If you drop it on a hard floor a few times, it can break into pieces. You need to be careful. But it does its job. It works as it should. The tower starts to shake a little when the fan is running (especially on level 3, which is the strongest). The foot section is not very stable, but never gives the feeling of tipping over. If you don’t have the opportunity to buy or install an air conditioner, these are a really good alternative.

👤 H*** K**** The product is bought as a fan. It works quite quietly. Even at the last speed level, I didn’t see any wobbling if the foot mount was done properly. More time is needed for the ionizer function. But at first it felt like it would work.

👤 G**** A**** Thank you so much to the seller, he sent it well with a razor blade. I placed an order on the 1st of the month. It arrived at noon on the 3rd of the month. Fan cooling is very nice. In the form of 3 layers. Its feet are said to move, but since it sews from the bottom, there is no shaking. It also looks very stylish and does not take up space. I advise

👤 M***** S**** We have been using the product for about 3 weeks now. It works very quietly compared to normal fans and we were very satisfied with the cooling. In addition, we are very happy that it is easy to carry and does not take up much space. The product has a 3-stage cooling setting and a timer function is also available. Only at the beginning, I think, there is a slight plastic smell related to the fact that the product is new, but during use, the smell decreases a lot and now there is no smell. I bought it from a seller called Meydan AVM and it came complete with gelatin, packaged really carefully. For this reason, I thank the seller and everyone here for never misleading me in all my purchases.

👤 E***** Ç**** The foot is not very sturdy but very useful, we liked it

👤 F**** O**** The product came as stated, it is quite easy to install, although it makes a little noise on high mode, it does not play on solid ground. The sound is also used to, you don’t even pay attention if you put it a bit far. I was very satisfied. Also congratulations to the seller, it was delivered as soon as I ordered it. I definitely recommend it.

👤 M**** Y**** The product arrived just in time. It is more powerful and useful than a normal fan and takes up less space. However, the corner of the product showed a crack at the place indicating the degree.

👤 S**** Ü***** It’s pretty good, it’s an ideal and stylish product for those who don’t like air conditioners, thanks for the fast and decent shipping 🌸

👤 F***** S**** I ordered Wednesday evening and received Friday morning. The product is very beautiful. It cools very well, the noise is very low. It doesn’t take up any space. I love.

👤 O***** K**** As a tower type fan, its performance and design are quite good compared to its counterparts. A complete price/performance product. We quite liked it. I advise.

👤 H****** Y**** I bought it last summer. It’s very refreshing. My favorite feature is that it doesn’t cause headaches. The remote control is simple but works well and cools my living room of 24 square meters nicely. There is no engine noise. There is only the sound of the wind. Installation is easy.

👤 Ö**** S***** I like the product. Don’t expect an air conditioner effect, I didn’t expect it anyway because the air conditioner hits me and makes me sick. For this reason, the product I want is exactly like this, it is super and very quiet, even in the lowest program the breeze is enough for me. I carry it to every room. I also use it in the kitchen when cooking. I was very satisfied. The price of the product is also good. I would recommend.

What is the power consumption of the Dijitsu VN10 Tower Fan?

Digitsu VN10 is energy efficient thanks to the power consumption of 50 watts.

How does the ionizer function of the Digitsu VN10 work?

Digitsu VN10’s ionizer function converts the positively charged ions in the air into negatively charged ions. In this way, the particles (dust, dirt, viruses and bacteria) in the air can become heavier and precipitate.

How many meters range does the Digitsu VN10 remote control have?

The remote control of the Dijitsu VN10 has a range of about 5 to 7 meters, so you can easily operate it from a distance.

What is the warranty period of Digitsu VN10?

Dijitsu VN10 Tower Fan is offered for sale with a 2-year warranty. During the warranty period there is a free exchange or repair right for product-related defects.

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