Direct exposure to sunlight increases the risk of skin cancer

Experts point out that prolonged exposure to high summer temperatures and intense exposure to sunlight can cause many problems. Ankara Bilkent City Hospital Dermatology Specialist Prof. dr. Dr. Selma Emre stated in a statement to the reporter of Ihlas News Agency (IHA) that in addition to the positive effects of the sun’s rays, many negative and harmful effects can also occur with prolonged exposure.

Emre emphasized that sun protection is more important in summer and emphasized that the most important factor among the harmful effects of sun rays is that it causes the development of skin cancer.

“The most effective protection is not to be in open areas between 10am and 4pm”

Emphasizing that there are many ways to be protected from the sun’s rays, Emre said: “The most effective protection is not to be in open areas between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m., when the sun’s rays are most intense. In addition, it is possible to protect with clothing. When protecting with clothing, the characteristics of the clothing are very important. It is also important how much body surface it covers, but the texture of the fabric, the thickness of the weave, the dark color and the structure of the clothing worn are important. Wool and synthetic clothing provide better protection. Again, the dryness of the garment provides better protection. In addition, additional protective equipment can be used to provide shade, such as hats, glasses and umbrellas. It is possible to protect ourselves with sunscreens and lotions, which have made our work easier and more effective in recent years.”

“The most important thing to consider when buying sunscreen is that it is suitable for the person’s characteristics”

Prof. Dr. Emre emphasized that they have a wide range of sunscreen ingredients and said: “There are many different active ingredients. It doesn’t matter how expensive it is, the content counts. The most important thing to consider when buying sunscreen is that it is appropriate for the person’s characteristics. For example, mineral filters that are not absorbed through the skin, form a physical barrier, and reflect sunlight are preferred in children and pregnant women. Organic filters, which work by passing through the skin be absorbed and remove ultraviolet rays from the skin with a chemical reaction should be preferred in other people.Because the cosmetic utility of organic filters is simpler and more convenient.Although mineral filters are not absorbed by the skin and do not cause allergic reactions , they are not always well tolerated because they form a colored layer on the skin.

Emre noted that for the first time they understood the signs of sun exposure, such as burning, redness and itching on the skin, and said it was important to keep the skin cool. In addition, Emre stated that pain relievers can be used in cases such as pain and burning sensation. Emre also underlined that serious reactions should see a doctor.

“Some people need to pay much more attention to sun protection”

Emphasizing that sunscreen products should not be used at the same time frequency, Emre said: “This varies depending on the sun exposure of the environment, the time the person spends under the sun and the presence of diseases that cause additional sensitivity to the sun. Some people need to pay much more attention to sun protection, for example, if a person goes out in the sun for a long time, the sunscreen deteriorates after a while under the influence of the sun’s rays and heat, and its protective function is lost, so we recommend that renew the sunscreen every 2-3 hours when working in the sun or on vacation and when there is contact with water, as the effect will wear off quickly.

“We do not recommend any kind of sunscreen for babies in the first 6 months”

Emre said sunscreen use varies by age group: “We don’t recommend sunscreen for babies in the first 6 months. We also don’t recommend the sun. Sunscreens with mineral filters for babies between 6 months and 2 years old can be used. There are sunscreens that contain some medical supplements.These are produced especially for certain diseases.For example, if the person has a history of skin cancer or has a family predisposition, those with cancer-protective content may be preferred.If you have skin prone to blemishes, special products for blotchy skin may be preferable. Again, there is the use of sunscreen on acne-prone skin, which we encounter very often and interferes with our treatments. Using too much oily product on an acne-prone skin sensitive skin can make acne worse.

“The carcinogenic effect of sunscreens has not been demonstrated in vivo”

Emre said there have been some social media reports that sunscreens cause cancer and said: “The carcinogenic effect of sunscreens has not been demonstrated in vivo. Currently there is no active ingredient shown or known to be carcinogenic among the creams used, but products have been used in the past that have been shown to be carcinogenic under laboratory conditions. Their use was discontinued many years ago. On the contrary, we can protect ourselves from carcinogenic sun rays when sunscreen is used.

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