Disable AutoCorrect in keyboard on iPhone

Disable AutoCorrect on iPhone keyboard

Autocorrect, which is used to relieve users and write faster messages on iPhone device, often bothers users. If you are tired of this situation, this news is for you. You can get rid of this situation by following the steps below.

Use AutoCorrect

on iphone autocorrect to use while writing spelling mistakes used to repair. Corrects misspelled words for you. To use this feature, just type in a text field and click on the appropriate word above.


Use predictive text

Predictive text on iPhone lets you quickly type sentences with just a few taps. It was originally created to help people type easily, but it’s a feature that annoys most people.

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To disable autocorrect for most people, you must first turn off the device. “Institutions” go to menu. Next one “General” Click on the menu.


General Scroll down a bit after clicking the menu. From here “Keyboard” switch to tab.


Included in the menu “Automatic Correction” choice Closed make it up.


Now your device won’t change the words itself while typing a message on iPhone, and texting won’t be a problem for you anymore. Moreover, while this feature is a practical use for some, we often have some communication problems because it chooses words incorrectly. When we want to write a message or any other text, the suggestion of a word other than the word is the most common complaint from users.

Disadvantages of the AutoCorrect feature

Autocorrect feature is a very useful feature for iPhone keyboard and loved by many users. However, this feature can be detrimental in some cases. Here are the drawbacks of the iPhone keyboard autocorrect feature:

  1. Incorrect solutions: The autocorrect feature can often make incorrect corrections. For example, he may misunderstand the word and correct it in another word. This is more common, especially for users with different languages.

  2. Vocabulary limited: The iPhone keyboard’s autocorrect feature has a limited vocabulary to automatically correct your words. Therefore, this feature may not be useful to you, especially if you use specific words, such as industry or trade jargon.

  3. It can prevent fast typing: The autocorrect feature can slow you down, especially if you type quickly. You may have to wait a while to finish the words, or spend time correcting incorrect corrections.

  4. Language problems: The autocorrect feature of the iPhone keyboard can cause problems for users with different languages. In particular, if you type a word in another language, the autocorrect feature may not recognize that word and may correct it incorrectly.

  5. Privacy issues: The autocorrect feature tracks and saves everything you type. This can pose a security risk, especially when typing private or confidential information.

For these reasons, the iPhone keyboard’s autocorrect feature may not always be a preferred feature. Considering these drawbacks, you can turn off the autocorrect feature and have a more comfortable typing experience.

What is iPhone Keyboard AutoCorrect?

The autocorrect feature kicks in when you misspell a word on the keyboard. It detects the misspelled word and corrects the misspelled word. For example, if you type “hello” instead of “hello”, the autocorrect feature automatically corrects “helo” to “hello”.

The autocorrect feature of the iPhone keyboard can also be combined with the predictive feature. This function helps the user to choose the right word by guessing the words that are similar to the one he typed. For example, if you type the word “hello”, the keyboard can automatically guess the word “hello” and suggest the correct word for you.

This feature is especially useful for users who want to type quickly or who don’t have a good understanding of spelling mistakes and grammar rules. However, the autocorrect feature may be a disadvantage for some users. Therefore, users can choose to disable the autocorrect feature.

The autocorrect feature of the iPhone keyboard is a useful feature that allows users to automatically correct typos and type faster. However, this feature may make incorrect corrections and hinder fast typing for some users. Therefore, it is entirely up to the user’s preference whether the autocorrect feature is on or off.

How can I disable the autocorrect feature?

First, go to the Settings app to disable the autocorrect feature. Then go to General > Keyboard and disable the “AutoCorrect” option.

What happens if I turn off the autocorrect feature?

When you turn off the autocorrect feature, no correction suggestions appear if a word you type on the keyboard is misspelled. This can increase the risk of spelling and grammatical errors.

Does the autocorrect function always work correctly?

While the autocorrect feature works correctly most of the time, it may occasionally make incorrect correction suggestions. It can make wrong corrections, especially in rare or foreign words. Therefore, some users may disable the autocorrect feature.

Does autocorrect affect battery life?

The auto-correct feature can impact battery life slightly, but it’s usually too little to ignore. Users who want longer battery life can extend battery life by disabling the auto-correct feature.

Is autocorrect available on every iPhone model?

Yes, the autocorrect feature is available on every iPhone model. However, in some iOS versions, the feature may be available under different names. For example, in iOS 10 and earlier, the autocorrect feature is called “Get it fix”, while in iOS 11 and later it is called “AutoCorrect”.

Does the autocorrect feature only support English?

No, the autocorrect feature supports all user-selected languages. Users can change their keyboard language preferences through the Settings app and configure the autocorrect feature based on the newly selected language.

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