Discover the benefits of Axess Credit Card

Axess Credit Card breaks the rules and continues to provide its users with the most enjoyable form of shopping. Akbank members, who have an Axess credit card for the first time, which is more than a credit card, have the opportunity to earn chip money up to 1,250 TL. To have an Axess credit card, you can use the Akbank website or mobile application. credit card application You can get a credit card instantly by filling out the form. This is how you step into the affordable world of Axess and experience the best form of shopping.

Axess credit card holders can shop easily and quickly

Axess credit cardholders can do their shopping online or with mobile payment, even if their cards are not at hand, thanks to Axess that fits in their pocket. Thanks to the Axess credit card, which offers ease and speed in payment, you no longer have to carry cash with you. You can easily make your purchases with your Axess Credit Card and fulfill your wishes. Thanks to your Axess credit card, which means you don’t have to carry cash, you use a more secure payment method. While your money is at risk of being lost or stolen, your Axess credit card is less likely to be at risk. If you lose your Axess credit card, you can block your card immediately, so that you can avoid financial losses.

Do your shopping in advance, pay later in installments

One of the biggest advantages that Axess Creditcard offers its users is the option to pay afterwards. You may not always have cash with you for an unexpected expense or emergency. In such cases, your Axess credit card comes to your rescue. Thanks to the installment function of Axess Credit Card, you can do your shopping in cash without wasting time and make your payment in installments. So you don’t force your own budget for such unexpected expenses. To do your shopping in cash and pay afterwards, you can directly use the Akbank website or mobile application. credit card application You can make your online purchases without your card reaching your hand.

Chip money especially for Axess students

In addition to the chip money benefits it offers to adult customers, Axess Credit Card also offers chip money benefits of up to 400 TL for student users. Users applying for the Axess Student Card for the first time have the opportunity to earn chip money up to a total of 400 TL, with 100 TL for every 250 TL or more spent. Users who want to take advantage of the student card can access the Akbank website. credit card application By doing this, they can start using their cards immediately after their application is approved and start collecting chip money.

Chip money earned while shopping is immediately loaded onto their card and cardholders can use the saved chip money for any purchase they wish.

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