Diseases can be prevented with proper nutrition in childhood.

Dietician Eral indicated that the word “Leave the children alone, they will eat anyway” is not always correct, dietician Eral stated that the situation is not that simple and explained what parents should pay attention to. Eral said the BLW (Baby-led weaning) method can be used, a method of leaving the infant’s first feeding to herself.

The best method to make meals attractive for children who do not want to eat or want to eat a lot; Şükriye Eral, who stated that her aim is to decorate the fruits and salads and play them when necessary, said: “A method can be developed by making sure that the child does not chase him while he is eating , but also acquires the habit of eating at the table. When meals are prepared at school for school-going children, mother, teacher and school must be coordinated. If the child doesn’t eat at school, it should eat well when it comes home.”

Which food group should be included in which ratio?

Eral stated that children should definitely take milk, meat, carbohydrate groups, legumes and vegetable groups in a balanced way, Eral said:

“In general, a healthy person from the age of 10 should consume 55-60 percent carbohydrates, 15-20 percent protein and 25-30 healthy fats. But these are preferable to the healthy ones. Children’s tastes settle down over time, so we shouldn’t be compulsive about the foods they don’t like, but we can integrate the foods they don’t like into the foods they like. For example; Children may be reluctant to smell fragrant foods such as cauliflower, broccoli, and cabbage. We can make cauliflower patties for kids who don’t like cauliflower. Kids don’t have to eat every vegetable now, but we can turn them into foods they love and cook them in different ways to get them to eat.”

Is sugar banned?

Dietitian Eral noted that telling kids “sugar is off limits” isn’t very realistic:
“It is necessary to teach children that this also exists in life, but that other groups are healthier. You can include many bakery and confectionery products in your diet. Mothers can also sweeten desserts and cakes by using wholemeal flour, dates and carob extracts. Carob, for example, is a very good lung protector, the core parts are more valuable than molasses. Products such as molasses and honey should not be heated because they can cause carcinogenic effects when heated, and should be added to desserts or hot drinks after they have cooled.

Lunch box

Eral said school children should have a milk group food in their lunch box: “In nutrition; a homemade juice or extract can be used, we do not recommend packaged juices, it is better to consume fresh fruit. “It can be fresh fruit and a healthy carbohydrate group in the lunch box, it could be a sandwich made with whole-wheat flour bread, lettuce, tomato and cheese, or it could be whole-wheat flour pastries made by moms,” she said.

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