Diseases of the circulatory system rank first in mortality rates

When the causes of death are examined according to TUIK data towards recent studies, circulatory disorders come first. Based on these statistics, many experts emphasize the importance of healthy living and regular checkups.

exp. Dr Mustafa Demir said: “Cardiovascular diseases, which we call the circulatory system, are divided into two groups. The first of these are those of cardiac origin, and the second are diseases other than heart disease. The most well-known types of diseases that originate in the heart are coronary artery disease that feeds the heart vessels, cardiomyopathies, valvular heart disease, cardiac arrhythmias, and primary heart disease. Apart from heart diseases, diseases such as atherosclerosis of the blood vessels, diseases of the blood vessels called vasculitis, stroke and hypertension also come under the group of vascular diseases. When we evaluate the symptoms experienced by our patients with circulatory disorders, the most common is shortness of breath. Shortness of breath, especially when sleeping or walking at night while working, is one of the most important discoveries in the field of cardiovascular disease. Another symptom is chest pain. Chest pain, both at rest and with exercise, is considered one of the most important discoveries in the field of cardiovascular disease. Apart from these, we can also count the payment,” he said.

exp. Dr Mustafa Demir said: “Swelling and edema discoveries in both hands and feet are among the discoveries of cardiovascular disease. If there are symptoms such as cold, bruising and redness in the fingers and toes, these are discoveries that show that the vascular system is not sufficient and the area cannot be adequately nourished. We have a 3-stage treatment protocol in the treatment of circulatory disorders. When we assess the patient’s symptoms and complaints based on their diagnosis, we first start with a drug treatment. In patients who develop more serious problems and do not respond to drug therapy, we try to open the vascular problem with the angiography method, which we generally refer to as percutaneous coronary or percutaneous peripheral intervention. In fact, as cardiologists, we have the opportunity to visualize and intervene almost all over the body with angiography. In these two phases, if the patient does not respond to the treatment given, peripheral and cardiac bypass interventions are performed.

“If we look at circulatory mortality rates, Denizli ranks 9th”

Claiming that such diseases can be prevented by having our annual routine checkups and improving our lifestyle in our region where heart-related death rates are high, Uzm. Dr Mustafa Demir said: “When we reviewed the past few years, we experienced a situation that shocked the world, such as the covid-19 pandemic. Even when the death rates due to covid rise during the Covid period, the causes of death are cardiovascular diseases, which we call cardiovascular diseases. Our average lifespan is one of the reasons why diseases of the circulatory system rank first when looking at overall mortality rates. Today, the average life expectancy in Turkey is set at 78 years. In this case, the number of vascular diseases increases over the years. Another is our bad habits that we cannot give up. Cigarette use, unhealthy diet, alcohol consumption and not exercising regularly cause circulatory disorders. When we combine all these, the circulatory system and related mortality rates never fall below the first level along with our wear and tear over the years. According to the death rates announced by TURKSTAT, diseases of the circulatory system, which we call cardiovascular, always come first. However, when we evaluate the provinces one by one in terms of cardiovascular disease, an astonishing picture emerges. Because if we evaluate the Aegean region and the Mediterranean region, it is known that there is a diet called Mediterranean diet all over the world, which is known to be mainly vegetables as a kind of nutrition.

“Healthy food is mainly plant-based and high in protein”

Dr Demir said: “If we look at the order of death rates, Afyon ranks 1st, Aydın ranks 2nd, Çanakkale ranks 3rd and Denizli ranks 9th. Looking at Denizli in general, we can say that there is a meat-based diet. A healthy diet is usually a diet rich in vegetables and protein. This allows us to say that in order to prevent cardiovascular diseases, it is necessary to eat plant-based and increase the consumption of healthier olive oil. When we were kids, our mothers gave us ready-to-drink fruit juices instead of fizzy drinks because they were healthier. However, the World Health Organization nutrition guide states that ready-to-drink fruit juices are the most dangerous drink. Talking about the measures that can be taken regarding the circulatory system, we can reduce circulatory mortality rates by changing our lifestyle and eating habits, adopting an active lifestyle, avoiding bad habits, reducing salt consumption, consume more natural foods and exercise regularly.

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