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It was observed that dizziness complaints increased due to psychogenic and anxiety in patients who presented to the emergency department in the earthquake zone after the earthquakes that hit 11 provinces in Kahramanmaraş. Specialist in neurology. Dr. İlker Bebek made statements about vertigo in humans. Bebek stated that the number of vertigo patients increased due to psychogenic and anxiety after the earthquake, saying, “For this reason, we prefer treatments for psychogenic illness and anxiety in addition to our other vertigo treatments. “Patients come to the emergency room with complaints that vary from patient to patient, such as the feeling that they are moving while standing, the feeling that the environment is spinning or the feeling that the ground is sinking under their feet.”

“Women more affected than men”

Arguing that dizziness is a major problem that reduces quality of life, Uzm. Dr. Bebek: “Almost 10 percent of the world’s population suffers from this disease, and women are more affected than men. Dizziness, one of the most common causes of admission, is divided into two as dizziness (central vertigo), which is generally seen in cases where there is an insufficiency in the blood circulation of the brain and deterioration of balance as a result of the effect of the balance center in the ear (peripheral vertigo). In addition, cardiovascular diseases and metabolic diseases are among the causes. In addition to brain-related causes such as stroke, migraine and brain tumors, it is among causes such as benign positional vertigo (benign positional vertigo) and excessive pressure in the inner ear (meniere).

It is possible to treat vertigo without medication

Uzm argues that investigating the cause of vertigo and uncovering the pathology requires a multidisciplinary approach and framework. Dr. “Benign positional vertigo (benign positional vertigo) is the most common cause of vertigo,” Bebek said. exp. Dr. Baby, “Inflammation of the inner ear (vestibular neuritis), which is characterized by inflammation of the vestibular nerve that carries signals from the vestibular organ in the inner ear to the brain, is one of the causes of ear-induced dizziness with increased water pressure in the inner ear (Ménière) Patients who have undergone the necessary investigations and have been diagnosed with benign positional vertigo are treated with some maneuvering treatments for vertigo, and their treatment is usually completed without the need for drug therapy.

Healthy eating is very important

Stating that apart from the causes of dizziness, sleep disorders, blows to the head and stress disorders can be mentioned as causes, Uzm. Dr Bebek said: “After the big earthquake we experienced in February, there was a noticeable increase in the number of people going to hospitals with vertigo complaints. Some of these patients have had previous episodes of vertigo and most of them have developed anxiety, stress disorder and anxious mood due to earthquakes. In such patients, we do neurological and ENT examinations and investigate whether there is anything that needs to be intervened. A healthy diet is very important. Drinking plenty of water, reducing the consumption of tea, coffee, smoking and salt are important recommendations for vertigo. We suggest making suggestions that reduce stress levels and adding drug treatments if necessary.”

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