DLC TSP40-EA Steam Blower Features and Reviews

With its modern design and advanced technology, the Dlc TSP40-EA is an ideal choice for anyone looking for comfort and refreshment to help relax on hot summer days. DLC TSP40-EA, which offers an environmentally friendly choice by saving energy while instantly cooling your environment with its highly efficient water vapor production, easily adapts to any space with its compact and stylish design.

Dlc TSP40-EA, one of the best steam blowers, attracts attention with its many innovative features. For this reason, our content includes a detailed overview of the features of the Dlc TSP40-EA Steam Fan to user comments. When you’re ready, let’s take a closer look at the Dlc TSP40-EA Steam Fan.

Dlc TSP40-EA Technical specifications

Type paid
power 90W
Control method Remote control
Number of oscillation directions 2
Number of speed stages 3
Engine Buyer
Rotation angle 75He
hopper capacity 3.1 L
Time setting There is
Volume 14dB

Dlc TSP40-EA Steam Fan Review

Dlc TSP40-EA, one of the best steam fan models, attracts attention with its smooth wind flow and effective water vapor distribution. This fan offers comfortable use thanks to its quiet operation and easily adapts to any space with its compact and stylish design. Dlc TSP40-EA Steam Fan offers ease of use with its ergonomic remote control and helps you operate your fan with ease. The DLC TSP40-EA steam blower is made of reliable and durable materials and thus offers long-lasting performance.

Dlc TSP40-EA, which with its robust construction offers an ideal option to meet the daily needs of users, keeps unwanted insects and flies away from the environment with its fly-repellent compartment. In addition, thanks to its ionizer function, it attracts bacteria and dust in the environment and provides a more hygienic area. DLC TSP40-EA, which works for 12 hours at the desired setting due to the time setting and then turns off automatically, provides a more comfortable sleeping experience by providing the necessary airflow while sleeping with the night mode function.

Dlc TSP40-EA Design

The DLC TSP40-EA Steam Fan fits perfectly into any interior with its stylish and modern design. Designed using elegant lines and high-quality materials, this fan adds elegance to the decoration of your home or office, and can be used easily without taking up space thanks to its compact structure. DLC TSP40-EA, which can be easily transported to the desired location thanks to its wheels, offers ergonomic use thanks to its touch screen. This product, which has a height of 1360 mm, attracts attention with its weight of 7.5 kilograms. DLC TSP40-EA, which differs from many steam fans by its fragrance essence and fly-repellent chamber, offers the possibility to use as needed.

Dlc TSP40-EA Design Features

Diameter 17.7 inches
Height 136cm
Colour Black
Weight 7.5 kg

DLC TSP40-EA Work performance

DLC TSP40-EA is a powerful steam blower. While providing instant cooling thanks to highly efficient water vapor production, it creates effective wind flow thanks to its powerful fan. This way you are in a spacious environment in warm weather. DLC TSP40-EA, which has 90 watts of motor power, has 3 speed levels as low, medium and high. The DLC TSP40-EA, which has a high steam production thanks to the capacity of the water tank of 3.1 liters, provides cooling by trapping the hot air in the environment with water vapour.

DLC TSP40-EA, which not only supplies water vapor to the environment through its dual steam system, also prevents the air in the environment from being dehumidified. In addition, this product, which ensures even more effective cooling when ice is placed in the ice container, offers the possibility to set a time up to 12 hours. This way it will automatically switch off after you have worked for as long as you want in the mode you have set. This product, which is comfortable to use thanks to its silent operation, lasts a long time thanks to its copper motor.

DLC TSP40-EA Electricity consumption

DLC TSP40-EA steam blower

The DLC TSP40-EA steam blower offers low energy consumption as an environmentally friendly choice. Thanks to the energy-saving operating principle, you can also enjoy cooling in the summer without your electricity bill rising. This steam fan with a 90-watt motor burns 0.45 kWh in 5 hours of operation per day, while burning a total of 13.50 kWh per month. In this case, the monthly fee on the invoice is 19.98 TL.

DLC TSP40-EA Ionizer function

DLC TSP40-EA helps to reduce harmful particles in the air with its ionizer function. It attracts dust, pollen and other allergens from the air and filters it by producing negative ions. This creates a cleaner and healthier air environment. As it destroys the bacteria in the environment, it also prevents the spread of disease.

DLC TSP40-EA Swing function

DLC TSP40-EA steam blower

The DLC TSP40-EA, which has an automatic swing function, can rotate in two directions, right and left. The steam fan, which has a rotation angle of 75 degrees, ensures better air circulation to the area where it is located.

DLC TSP40-EA timer

DLC TSP40-EA provides timed operation according to user needs. Thanks to the practical timer function of up to 12 hours, you can switch the fan on and off automatically at any time. This way you can easily program the operation of the fan while you sleep or go out in the evening and save energy.

DLC TSP40-EA Fly Repellent Tablet and Fragrance Essence Reservoir

DLC TSP40-EA steam blower

Mosquitoes, one of the biggest problems of the summer months, are among the most complained about because of the inconvenience they cause. DLC TSP40-EA, which solves this problem, helps flies or other pests to leave the room quickly by spreading the pesticide throughout the room thanks to the container with fly repellent tablets. In this way, this product, which provides a more comfortable environment, helps to more effectively diffuse the fragrance of the room you add, thanks to the fragrance chamber.

DLC TSP40-EA User Comments

👤 İ***** B**** The machine is good but very difficult to assemble, I thought it would come ready to use.

👤 A**** T**** The product cools very well. I also like your point of view, but of course, like everything else, it is expensive.

👤 S**** B**** The fact that it has a fly-proof room and a scent room attracted me. Indeed, if you put a fly repellent tablet, it is more effective than usual. Since we leave the door of the room open, the smell even spreads to other rooms, so there are no flies in the house.

👤 Ç**** E***** I searched for steam fan models for a long time and this was the most functional product. Good thing I have it.

👤 E**** Ç***** I recommend it to anyone who is considering buying a really great product.

👤 E**** Ö*** The product deserves its price, it really cools the environment like an air conditioner and it has an ionizer function, which was nice for my son who has asthma.

👤 O**** K**** I would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to buy a steam fan. The performance is very good and it looks very modern with its design.

👤 H*** D**** I bought this fan for my workplace. It’s really not the fan we used before, it officially cools like an air conditioner.

👤 D****** İ***** Summers are very hot in my house and I was cooking hard in the kitchen. I chose this product because it is portable, and I am very satisfied.

👤 U*** S**** When my guests arrive, I add room fragrance to the fragrance room and every visitor says my house smells very nice. Those who want to cool down and want their room to smell nice should buy it.

How does the ionizer in the DLC TSP40-EA Fan work?

The ionizer function of the DLC TSP40-EA steam blower attracts dust and allergens from the air and filters them by producing negative ions. In this way it helps you to breathe cleaner and healthier air.

What is the volume level of the DLC TSP40-EA?

DLC TSP40-EA does not cause any nuisance with its 14 dB noise level thanks to its silent operation. You can enjoy it in a peaceful environment.

How much water does the water tank of the DLC TSP40-EA steam blower hold?

The water tank of the DLC TSP40-EA is designed to meet the needs of users and has a water capacity of 3.1 liters.

How do I maintain the DLC TSP40-EA fan?

The maintenance of the DLC TSP40-EA Steam Fan is quite simple. It is sufficient to clean and dust the water tank and fan impeller regularly.

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