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Babies can be very active during sleep, they can open their top. Such situations naturally make the baby feel cold. In addition, the covers used while sleeping are not always the right options. It is useful to have information about the right choice of clothes and what babies should wear when they sleep. How To Dress Babies While Sleeping In Winter? During the winter months, babies should be dressed according to the room temperature they are in and in a way that maintains their current body temperature. While thicker and one-piece clothing may be preferred in winter, thinner clothing made of cotton materials that breathe and do not sweat can be chosen in summer. Dressing babies in sleeping bags minimizes the risk of catching a cold or sweating and ensures a comfortable night’s sleep. Blanket for your baby

Would you rather have a sleeping bag?

For babies who do not like to be covered, using a sleeping bag may be the right solution. Dressing babies in sleeping bags is a much safer method than covers such as blankets. When putting on the overalls, it is not possible for the baby to undress like with the blankets and remain so during the sleeping period, so it is not possible to get cold. You can protect your little one’s body temperature all night long with sleeping bags of different thicknesses that you choose according to the season, preventing them from getting hot or cold. For example; When you put on a winter baby sleeping bag, your baby does not need an extra blanket or duvet. In warmer weather, you can ensure that the little ones sleep comfortably by using a sweat-free baby sleeping bag. How should the sleeping bag you prefer for your baby? There are a few important points to consider when choosing a sleeping bag for babies. Below you will find information on this subject. The use of baby sleeping bags differs per season. Therefore, the TOG, i.e. the measurement value of the thermal resistance of the product, must be learned. TOG indicates to what extent the coverall keeps the baby warm.

As the TOG value increases, the thickness of the sleeping bag also increases. This value varies with coverall material, inner padding, etc. It can be used around 0.2 TOG 28-30 degrees, 0.5 TOG 24-30 degrees, 1.0 TOG 20-24 degrees, 1.5 TOG 18-20 degrees. It is important that the sleeping bag you choose is made of cotton, so that it adapts to your baby’s sensitive skin. Based on the information above, you can easily find a suitable onesie for your baby. Comfortable sleeping bag suggestions for a comfortable blanket-free sleep There are many common options available to help your baby sleep comfortably. 1.0 TOG Autumn Zee-Suit is one of the models that you can choose in this direction. The characteristics of this model can be listed as follows: It is made of 50% cotton, 50% modal material. It is wear resistant. 1.0 TOG baby sleeping bag is suitable for use at room temperature of 20-24 degrees. Thanks to the moisture-wicking function, it does not sweat. It is suitable for all seasons. It has a double-sided zipper system and slippers that open and close. Similarly, you can choose the 1.5 TOG Koala Zee-Suit model by looking at its features. The main features of the product, which stands out for its unusual design, are: It can be used at low room temperatures. It keeps the available heat constant and prevents cold. Eliminates the need for a blanket. It has 0 cotton material. It has a double-sided zipper system and slippers that open and close. Although it is thick, it does not limit its mobility. You can judge Kidzee sleeping bags for your baby by their soft structure and correct size, using 0 natural materials with a special TOG value.

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