Do keratin supplements have a positive impact on scalp health?

Trichologist, hair scientist Serap Öztürk Niya talked about the factors that influence scalp health, the pros and cons of keratin care and what you can do for healthy hair growth.

The simplest advice we can give for the health of our hair is to wash it at least 3 times a week with a shampoo that is suitable for our hair, and even some scalp problems have been seen to be solved by washing the hair daily at people with oily scalp. It is also important to remove the cosmetic residue from our hair. Any cosmetic sprays or oils we use on our hair, and the powder concealers we use to cover the open areas in the hair lesson, should be washed and cleaned before going to bed, and we should remove the salt and chlorine residue with shampoo after the pool and sea.

However, there are some scalp problems that we cannot solve ourselves at home, such as seborrheic dermatitis (eczema) or psoriasis (psoriasis) we can get support from trichological applications, but also from a specialist doctor.

Although keratin supplementation is an application that is recently on the agenda and eliminates the problem of hair styling for 1-2 months, it also has some drawbacks. First of all, these treatments contain formaldehyde and formaldehydes are banned in some countries because they are carcinogenic.

Second, we can summarize harmful uses for hair as “chemical and thermal uses”. Keratin application is also a chemical process and such processes can damage the cuticle layer and lead to breakage and breakage in the hair.

The structure of hair is largely made up of protein (matrix protein), that is, the structure we call keratin, we can say that keratin is actually an amino acid. The outside of the hair can be damaged for many reasons, so we must use conditioner to protect our hair, treated hair must also use conditioner that has not been rinsed out.

By using intensive hair care masks on a weekly basis, we can both protect the hair’s moisture and prevent electrification, and also make our hair look brighter and healthier. When such applications are not enough, we can take advantage of trichological applications.

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