Do not exceed this number! We are poisoned by consuming a lot because it is healthy…

Water Experts say that a person should drink an average of 2 liters of water per day. However, if you drink three times as much water in one sitting, you can get water intoxication because your kidneys can’t clear as much fluid.


Have you ever thought that chocolate, which is indispensable for many people with its chocolate taste and smell, can cause you death if you eat it in large quantities? Chocolate contains a small amount of theobromine. This powerful substance stimulates the nervous system. If you eat eight kilograms of chocolate in one sitting, you can get diarrhea and have an epileptic seizure. Then you can die with internal bleeding and a heart attack.


Cinnamon, which fascinates you with its smell and sweetens your food with its taste, can lose its innocence if consumed in excess. If you’re a serious cinnamon lover, it’s worth checking out our Cinnamon Users. If you consume 35 tablespoons of cinnamon powder, you can die from benzaldehyde poisoning.


Coffee, for many people the key to starting the day and often consumed during the day, can cause serious problems if overdosed. For this reason, experts emphasize that excessive doses of caffeine should not be taken. An overdose is considered an overdose for the average person to consume more than 400 milligrams of caffeine per day. If caffeine consumption is excessive, it can cause palpitations, fever, and even a heart attack that can lead to death.


On every occasion, experts emphasize that tuna has many mental and physical benefits. However, if you are a frequent tuna eater, we recommend that you listen to the following information: Tuna is a type of fish that is high in mercury. Small amounts of mercury are found in small fish and large amounts in tuna. Consuming large amounts of tuna can damage your brain functions due to the mercury it contains.

Muscat grape

Muscat should be used in small amounts with meals and can cause various effects when consumed in excess. For example, consuming eight grams of nutmeg can trigger the hallucinogenic effects of certain medications. This could result in fatal injury to yourself or those around you.


You may have a question mark in your mind about how honey can cause a toxin effect. However, the honey we are talking about is different from other types of honey. In other words, we are talking about raw honey just made by bees. Even a tablespoon of this unpasteurized raw honey can cause problems like fatigue and fever due to the granoya toxin it contains. In addition, it can lead to poisoning and death.


The benefits of apple, one of many people’s favorite fruits, do not stop at counting. But on the other hand, did you know that the pips in apples can be harmful? If you are one of those who consume the whole apple with the stalk because it is healthy, you should give up this habit as soon as possible. Because if you eat a glass of apple seeds, you can die of cyanide poisoning.

bitter almond
Bitter Almond, one of nature’s most beneficial nuts, has many benefits. But keep in mind the knowledge that 25 bitter almonds can cause death because of the hydrogen cyanide it contains.

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