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Dr. Instructor Member Mert Akcanbaş made remarkable assessments about the traumas that occur after natural disasters. Dr. Mert Akcanbaş discussed the expressions that should not be used and the approaches that should be shown, especially in conversations with those who experienced the earthquake.

Trauma occurs unexpectedly

Stating the situation that occurs after a direct encounter with death, serious injury and sexual assault, witnessing it, learning that it happened to a loved one or being exposed to the details of such events as an occupation is defined as psychological trauma . Mert Akcanbaş said: “Trauma can happen to anyone. However, some people do not develop post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) despite trauma. The likelihood of PTSD is not known to be related to personality structure. The frequency and severity of PTSD symptoms that the person develops can be measured with certain tests. The main characteristic of trauma is that it occurs suddenly and unexpectedly. Even if we know there is an earthquake risk, suddenly a disaster will happen because we don’t know when it will happen.” said.

PTSD incidence rates vary depending on the type of disaster

Claiming that the incidence of PTSD after different natural disasters that occurred in different countries reveals different data in different studies. Mert Akcanbaş said: “For example, while the incidence of PTSD for adults is 4.1-67.7 percent, this rate is 2.07-37% for flood disasters and 9-36.7 percent for major fires. Acute stress reactions are first seen after traumatic events and last 3 to 30 days after the event. However, if it lasts longer than 30 days, the need for treatment arises when the stress becomes chronic and progresses to PTSD.” he said.

Children and people with mental illness are at risk

Dr Mert Akcanbaş said: “The groups most at risk from earthquakes are pregnant women, women, children, children living in social care facilities, people with physical and mental illnesses, those who have lost loved ones, people with addiction problems and staff providing assistance. activities in the region. It is known that the number of cases of depression and suicide has increased after earthquakes in different parts of the world. said.

Treatment can be applied in many ways

Emphasizing that post-traumatic stress disorder occurs when symptoms persist for more than 30 days after the earthquake, Dr. Mert Akcanbaş, “In the treatment of this condition, some symptoms can be eliminated with drugs, as well as with the techniques preferred by experts such as cognitive and behavioral therapy, EMDR, exposure, counting methods and what they are competent to do.” he said.

Promises that cannot be kept should not be made…

Dr. Mert Akcanbaş listed the sentences that should not be said to people who experienced the earthquake:

• It should not be spoken in a critical and accusatory way,
• The use of technical terms in conversations should be avoided,
• Discourses about how the victims feel should not be used,
• Earthquakes were preordained, explanations such as divine providence should be avoided,
• Talks like ‘Time heals all’, ‘God gives no burden to man’, ‘Pray that you live’, ‘Remember those who are in a worse situation than you’ should be avoided,
• Victims should not be made promises that cannot be kept,
• Victims should not be forced to speak,

Their privacy must be protected

Dr. Mert Akcanbaş shared his recommendations regarding the approach to be shown to earthquake victims as follows:

• Victims must be treated with respect,
• Always available,
• Help must be provided in a qualitative and fast manner,
• The traditions and cultural values ​​of the victims must be respected,
• The privacy of victims’ private lives must be protected,
• Focus on victims’ needs,
• Even if victims keep asking the same question, it must be answered,
• The victims should be answered according to their development and level of education,
• Efforts should be made so that victims can reach their families, loved ones and social circles that can support them.

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