Do the diseases pass from the mother to the baby?

One of the most frequently asked questions from expectant mothers is whether the illnesses during pregnancy affect the baby. There are many questions about whether chronic illnesses such as colds and flu, as well as chronic illnesses affect the baby. The answers to the most frequently asked questions on this subject can be found in the continuation of our news.

Colds and flu during pregnancy

Influenza and the common cold, an unavoidable problem for many people whose pregnancy coincides with the winter months, cause expectant mothers to worry about their babies. Due to the weakening of the circulatory and respiratory system and the immune system during pregnancy, expectant mothers are more susceptible to colds and flu during pregnancy. While this situation poses problems for expectant mothers, it poses no risk to their babies.

It is very important for expectant mothers to see a doctor as soon as possible if they get the flu. In some cases, we recommend that you consult a specialist against the flu, which can cause serious problems for the mother-to-be. Especially if you have a fever above 38.5 degrees, shortness of breath, chest pain, earache, ear infection, neck stiffness, skin rash, redness and chronic cough, you should report to the hospital without delay.

Can Pregnant Women Get the Flu Vaccine?

Do the diseases pass from the mother to the baby?

Another question that mothers-to-be most often ask is whether they should get the flu vaccine during pregnancy. However, there is no harm in getting the flu vaccine, called influenza, in October and March for expectant mothers whose pregnancy coincided with the flu season, i.e. the winter months.

The vaccine, which is recommended mainly between October and November, can be administered at any time during pregnancy. However, this vaccine is not recommended for expectant mothers who are allergic to eggs. Due to the use of eggs in the preparation of the vaccine, it can pose a threat to the expectant mother who is allergic to eggs. After the vaccination, side effects such as swelling, tenderness, low-grade fever and weakness in the area may occur.

Ways to get over the flu lightly during pregnancy

Do the diseases pass from the mother to the baby?

People who are pregnant should pay more attention to themselves during this time. In particular, he should prevent the transmission of diseases such as flu, and if he cannot prevent it, he should try to overcome it slightly. For this, experts give some suggestions to expectant mothers.

While everyone is looking for flu treatments, the most important point is not to get the flu. Therefore, during epidemic periods, you should be more careful against flu and take the necessary care of yourself. First of all, washing your hands regularly is one of the most important measures that can be taken against the flu. It is a simple but very effective method to avoid having to stand in closed and crowded places for a long time.

The ways to overcome the flu during pregnancy are eating healthily, consuming foods rich in vitamins and minerals, adequate fluid intake, adequate rest, environmental ventilation and using lozenges to rest your throat. If you follow these suggestions, you’ll be over the flu in no time.

Thyroid during pregnancy

Do the diseases pass from the mother to the baby?

Thyroid, which is vital, is a disease that develops completely dependent on hormones. Changes in hormones during pregnancy can cause thyroid problems. The thyroid gland, which occurs as a result of aging, iodine deficiency, and radiation, can also be seen during pregnancy.

Thyroid disorders seen during pregnancy should be under the supervision of a physician. The expectant mother, who has regular checkups, can get rid of this discomfort after delivery. Thyroid disease under a doctor’s control can return to normal after 6 months after birth.

Thyroid disease poses no threat to the baby and mother. The most important thing in this process is doctor’s check. There is no harm in taking medication for pregnant thyroid patients. However, the use and dosage of these drugs should be determined by the doctor and these dosages should be monitored according to the months.

Asthma during pregnancy

Do the diseases pass from the mother to the baby?

One of the most common diseases during pregnancy is asthma. Asthma can be present before pregnancy or occur during pregnancy. However, asthma that is not regularly controlled can pose a serious threat to both the mother and the baby.

While most women with asthma experience no changes during pregnancy, some may experience improvement or worsening. While it is recommended that expectant mothers with asthma prefer a normal delivery, the risk of an attack is greatly increased in pregnant women with asthma who give birth by cesarean section.

Do the diseases pass from the mother to the baby?

Uncontrolled and untreated asthma can lead to serious problems such as premature birth, disability, maternal and infant death. Therefore, asthma should be controlled during pregnancy and situations that stimulate attacks should be avoided.

The same treatment method is applied to expectant mothers with asthma and non-pregnant asthmatics. While it is stated that asthma medications will not harm the baby, you should definitely consult your doctor before taking these medications and administer any treatment under the supervision of a physician.

Will a Severe Cough Harm the Baby?

The water in the womb acts as a kind of cushion for the baby and protects the baby from such problems. However, you should definitely consult your doctor before taking any medicine for severe and dry cough that is bothering the mother. You should avoid random drug use during pregnancy.

What should a pregnant woman do with the flu?

There are a few things a pregnant woman with the flu should do. Experts recommend that these people drink plenty of fluids, adjust the room temperature properly, get enough rest, relax their throats, use nasal drops and use antipyretics.

Will the flu harm the baby during pregnancy?

In case of pregnancy, the flu does not harm the baby in any way and does not transmit it in any way. However, the flu you get in the late stages of pregnancy can be passed on to your baby.

Is it normal to have the flu during pregnancy?

Everyone gets the flu from time to time. Therefore, it is quite normal for people who are pregnant to have the flu. The flu, which you don’t have to worry about, can be a little more challenging than usual. Therefore, we recommend that you follow your doctor’s recommendations.

What Happens If Thyroid Is High During Pregnancy?

In case of hyperthyroidism during pregnancy, serious negative consequences can occur. These outcomes include miscarriage, pregnancy-related hypertension, anemia, arrhythmias, preterm birth and advanced heart failure and thyroid crisis. Therefore, consult a specialized doctor to start the necessary treatment as soon as possible.

Will the Thyroid Harm the Baby?

Thyroid hormones are very important for growth and development. Therefore, in the case of a high thyroid gland, serious consequences can arise in the development of intelligence and nervous system in the baby. These results can cause irreversible situations.

Does asthma pass from mother to baby?

Hereditary factors are formed by genes inherited from parents. Therefore, we can say that if the mother or father has asthma, the risk of its occurrence in children will increase.

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