Documents required for marriage proceedings

Marriage is one of the most important decisions we make in our lives and certain documents need to be drawn up for this decision to be legal. However, it is not always easy to have enough information about the documents required for marriage proceedings. In this article, we provide detailed information about the documents required for the marriage process. This article will guide anyone who wants to get married and will clearly explain the documents required for marriage procedures. If you are also thinking about getting married, then you have come to the right place!

Documents required for marriage proceedings

1. Declaration of Marriage

The marriage certificate is a form stating the request for official marriage of the couple and is issued in two or four copies, depending on the request of the municipality applied for.

2. Original and photocopy of identity card

One of the documents required for marriage is a birth certificate. The identity card must have been changed in the last 10 years, provided with a photo, legible and provided with a TR ID number. Only the photocopy of the identity card is delivered to the marriage office, not the original. However, the original can also be requested to confirm that the photocopy matches the original. Driving license is not accepted as identification.

3. Passport photo

The number of photos required for the wedding differs per municipality. Passport photo must be in color, in civilian clothes facing forward and must have been taken within the last six months. Photos of women in headscarves are also accepted, provided their forehead, chin and face are uncovered.

4. Health Report

One of the documents required for marriage is a health certificate. To determine whether the spouses have any health problems that could interfere with the marriage, some examinations must be performed and a marital health report obtained.

5. Sample identity registration and proof of residence

Identity registration sample and residence certificate are among the documents you need to apply for marriage. You can request these documents from e-government or from the population directorate with which you are affiliated. However, the duration of the marriage certificate is 6 months, so it is important that you apply after receiving the documents.

6. Marriage certificate

Marriage license is a document that shows that there is no impediment to the marriage. To obtain this document, you must first obtain a health clearance. After receiving your health report, you and your spouse can go to the registry office and request your marriage certificate. Remember that the validity of the marriage certificate is six months and you must apply for a marriage certificate within six months of receiving the document.

Situations where marriage application is not accepted

We hope that your marriage application will be accepted without any problems. However, there are some cases where marriage applications are not accepted. These are the situations in which the application for marriage is not accepted:

  • Marriage applications will not be accepted without a medical report. If a couple is diagnosed with diseases such as tuberculosis, gonorrhea, leprosy or mental illness, the marriage cannot take place. In the case of tuberculosis, hepatitis C or hepatitis B, the person with tuberculosis must be treated. If the treatment is successful, a marriage application can be submitted after 6 months. In case of hepatitis B or C, the healthy person should be vaccinated. If the vaccine is successful, a marriage application can be filed.
  • If one or both persons are over the age of 17 but not under the age of 18, they cannot get married without the consent of their legal representatives. Persons over the age of 16 can only marry in extraordinary circumstances with the permission of the judges. Persons under the age of 15 cannot get married at all.
  • Widowers or divorced women must wait until the 300 day iddah, or waiting period, has passed. They cannot get married before this period has passed.

What documents are required for marriage?

  • Original and photocopies of ID card with photo
  • passport photo
  • Health report obtained from official or private health institution and organization
  • Copy identity register
  • Extract from the population register
  • Marriage license document
  • Marriage certificate drawn up as two samples

What is the validity period of the documents required for marriage proceedings?

The validity period of the documents may be a maximum of one month before the wedding date.

What should I do if the documents required for marriage proceedings are in a foreign language?

If the documents are in a foreign language, you must provide notarized translations.

How long does it take to prepare the documents required for marriage proceedings?

The preparation of documents may vary depending on the situation of the couples. However, it can usually be prepared in 1-2 days.

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