Does Mirror Break Bad Luck?

Is mirror breakage bad luck?

The belief that breaking a mirror will bring bad luck is a superstition as you can imagine. In addition, it is one of the oldest. This belief existed even before the mirror was made. So does the installation of a mirror bring bad luck? What does mirror break mean? Where was the mirror first used?

Here are the details on the mirror and bad luck from past to present;

When was the first mirror used?

In ancient times, the mirror was anything that showed its own opposite. For example, lakes or puddles. At that time, people were very surprised to see this and believed that it was their soul. He saw as enemies even those who lost his appearance in the water.

Let’s go to the time when the first mirror was used. The first mirror was used in the Egyptian states. Mirrors made of materials such as brass, bronze, silver and gold were not mirrors, but very well-polished surfaces that could not break. It was also believed that what was reflected from these surfaces was the person’s soul. Even at this point, another belief emerged: vampires do not have souls, and their images are not reflected on these surfaces.

Later, glass containers were made. Therefore, the image was reflected from the water in these glass containers and the glass containers could break. At this point the belief arose that part of the soul left the body. Because the Romans believed that life renews itself every seven years, they believed that seven years had to pass before the soul and health of man were restored as a result of the breaking of the glass in the 1st century.

Mirror and superstition

Does Mirror Break Bad Luck?

The superstition of the mirror was further developed with the production of the first silver-plated, easily breakable mirrors in 15th-century Italy, and the belief took on a somewhat economic dimension because these mirrors were expensive. He knew that if the servants who cleaned the mirrors broke the mirrors, they could receive seven years of punishment worse than the death penalty. For this reason, to this day it is said that breaking a mirror brings bad luck.

There is no superstition that just breaking a mirror brings bad luck. At the same time, along with this belief, beliefs were born to destroy this bad luck. One is washing the pieces of the broken mirror in a river flowing south or burying them in the ground. In this way, bad luck is eliminated. However, the broken pieces should not be looked at when leaving the house.

Another is to cover the mirrors in the bedroom when not in use. So that the soul does not remain in it. Similarly, mirrors in a deceased person’s home are covered. Thus, the soul will encounter no obstacles on its journey to begin.

When we get to 17th century England and France, we see that cheap mirrors were produced. The reason why this belief persists today is because the superstition that breaking a mirror brings bad luck was so common then.

Where does mirror breakage come from?

Does Mirror Break Bad Luck?

Breaking a mirror has been considered an unlucky sign in various cultures for hundreds of years. Mirror-breaking myths and beliefs have been around since Roman and Greek times. While there are several theories about the origin of these beliefs, some attribute the origin of these beliefs to mythological stories.

In ancient Greek mythology, the gods were jealous of humans, which sometimes made people’s lives chaotic. According to this belief, breaking mirrors was also a method used by Gods to influence people’s lives. The ancient Romans, on the other hand, attributed the myth of the broken mirror to the inauspiciousness of the seven years that symbolize one’s life.

Beliefs and legends about breaking mirrors in different cultures have survived to this day. In Chinese culture, a broken mirror is regarded as a sign of bad luck, while in Islamic culture, it is believed that bad luck can be avoided by reading a prayer in the case of a broken mirror.

While some people fully believe in the beliefs about breaking mirrors, others argue that these beliefs are unfounded from a scientific point of view. However, the origin of beliefs about mirror breaking and how it became so common is still being explored by many researchers.

Why is mirror breakage considered unlucky?

Does Mirror Break Bad Luck?

A broken mirror is considered a sign of bad luck and bad luck in many cultures. Although the origins of this belief are not exactly known, breaking a mirror is believed to be unlucky for some reason.

The first reason is that the image reflected by the mirror is believed to reflect the soul of a person. When the mirror is broken, the person’s reflection is shattered, meaning the person’s soul is split. This is believed to bring bad luck.

The second reason is that breaking a mirror is considered a sign of death in some societies. Since mirrors are considered to be the reflection of the soul, the breaking of a mirror can be interpreted as a harbinger of death.

The third reason is that mirror breakage is considered a sign of bad luck. If a mirror breaks, pieces of glass shatter, which is considered bad luck in many cultures.

The fourth reason is that in some cultures breaking a mirror is believed to summon evil spirits. Particularly in East Asia, breaking a mirror is believed to summon evil spirits and is therefore considered an accident.

Does breaking a mirror really bring bad luck?

Breaking a mirror is an unfortunate belief. However, it has no scientific basis and is all about personal beliefs.

What to do if the mirror is broken?

When the mirror is broken, it is important to wear gloves and clean it carefully to clean the shards of glass. It is also recommended to wear shoes to avoid broken glass.

Why is mirror breakage considered bad luck?

Breaking a mirror is considered bad luck in many cultures, as shards of glass shatter and can bring bad luck.

What should we not do if the mirror is broken?

If the mirror is broken, you should avoid picking up the pieces of glass with your hands. It may also be more convenient to replace the mirror with a new one instead of trying to figure out why the mirror broke.

Does breaking a mirror always bring bad luck?

A broken mirror is not always bad luck. However, in some cultures this belief is common and breaking a mirror is considered inauspicious.

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