Does tonsil surgery weaken the immune system?

ENT specialist Dr. Buket Özel Bingöl pointed out that the tonsils are lymphatic tissues that contribute to the body’s defenses by being located on both sides of the small tongue in the throat, saying that the tonsils are the first line of defense in the fight against microbes that enter the body in through the mouth…

Dr. Özel Bingöl stated that these operations are performed by removing the glands, which are part of the immune system, called the tonsils and adenoids.

Noting that the most common reasons for these surgeries are “frequent tonsillitis, oversized tonsils, snoring, nasal congestion, otitis media (fluid build-up in the middle ear), sleeping with the mouth open at night, and respiratory arrest during sleep.” Dr Özel Bingöl said tonsil surgery is also performed for inflammations that have become chronic and cause bad breath, and for tonsil growths that cause deterioration of the jaw structure in case of discovery of a tonsil tumor. Dr. Ozel Bingol, one of the criteria showing that drug treatment is not sufficient and surgery is necessary is “seeing febrile tonsillitis 7 times in the past year, or 5 times a year in the past 2 years, or 3 times a year years in the past 3 years or more,” it stated.

“Surgery improves quality of life”

Dr. Özel Bingöl said: “On the other hand, we ensure that antibiotics and other medicines are used less by reducing the frequency of infections. All this has a positive effect on the growth and development of children.

Dr. Özel Bingöl “The tonsils naturally play an important role in the body’s defenses. However, there are too many tissues in the body to take over the function of these tissues after surgery. Therefore, we do not expect a negative effect on the immune system after the surgery in the long term. In addition, we see that the immune system weakens after tonsil surgery. “There is no scientific data to show that,” he said.

“Recommended after 3 years old”

These operations are usually performed under general anesthesia; Dr. Dr. Özel Bingöl “After tonsil surgery, there is usually recovery within 2-3 days, but a sore throat, a feeling of being stuck in the throat or a feeling of pain in the ear may be reflected for about 10 days. It is important to drink plenty of fluids during this process. Usually the patient is discharged on the day of surgery. It is very important to stick to the food and diet recommended by your doctor after surgery. Deciding with your doctor to create an appropriate treatment plan for your child is the best course of action.

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