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With the mobilization of the tourism sector and the opening of the holiday season, the expats left for home. According to data from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 5.5 million of our more than 6.5 million citizens living abroad live in Western European countries.

Many of them prepare their vehicles to come home in the summer season. Expatriates preferring the Kapıkule border gate make up 35% of the approximately 400 thousand vehicles entering Turkey. However, car owners with foreign license plates are concerned that their insurance abroad will not be valid in Turkey. Gurbet Kasko, who took action to resolve this situation and provides insurance services to vehicles with foreign license plates, shared the points that both domestic and foreign citizens should pay attention to when getting their vehicles repaired.


Millions of citizens living abroad come to Turkey every year to visit their relatives and friends or to go on vacation. On the other hand, those who travel with their personal vehicles complain about not being able to get car insurance for any negative situations they may encounter in Turkey. For this reason, many expats seek solutions by signing up with local insurance companies. Companies that can have periodic car insurance based on the length of time they will be staying in Turkey offer cost benefits to vehicle owners as well as protection for their vehicles. Casco processes are similar for citizens living in our country.

Damage due to events such as accidents, natural disasters and theft are among the most recorded damage to personal vehicles. For this reason, many vehicle owners insure their vehicles against risks. However, there are points that drivers should pay attention to in insurance transactions.

Here are the things to consider when getting insurance for your vehicle:

-To check the conditions set by the insurance company according to the types

– Ensure that there is no car insurance exemption in the contract.

– Find out if there is no damage discount

-Learning the insurance limit

Abdulcelil Applause, Managing Director of Gurbet Insurance

Motor insurance policies must have different standards due to legal obligations. However, this does not apply to the service coverage of insurance companies. Vehicle owners can consider the following factors when choosing their insurance carrier:

-Has the car insurance company’s roadside assistance and support team

– Potential to obtain sufficient auto insurance information from the company

-Know under which conditions the no-claim discount deteriorates

-Adequacy of authorized services

– Offering a replacement vehicle

– Whether the policy is issued based on the insurance value of the vehicle

-The policy covers natural disaster risks according to place of residence

-The width of the mini damage coverage in the policy

Abdulcelil Alkış, general manager of Gurbet Motor Insurance, recalled that car insurance is not a mandatory form of insurance: “Damage to vehicles without insurance imposes a cost on vehicle owners and negatively affects return on investment. These risks are more likely, especially for expats traveling to different countries. For this reason, vehicle owners can take precautions against adverse situations by purchasing full-time or recurring insurance.” said.

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