Don’t let fake sunglasses ruin your health

It is said that with the arrival of the summer months, the interest in sunglasses, one of the must-have accessories of these months, has increased. On the contrary, experts draw attention to the fact that sunglasses that do not meet the necessary conditions to protect against the harmful effects of the sun’s rays can cause great damage to the eyes. Ophthalmologist Op. dr. Gökhan Arslan also listed what you should pay attention to when buying sunglasses.

Kiss. Dr Arslan warned citizens that the problems fake glasses can cause in the eyes should not be ignored. “Not every dark glass is protective” The ophthalmic specialist of Büyükçekmece Mimar Sinan State Hospital says that glasses made of materials that protect the eyes from the harmful effects of the sun’s rays are preferable. Dr. Gökhan Arslan pointed out that very serious health problems can arise as a result of choosing fake sunglasses. Giving important warnings to citizens and conveying the points to consider when buying glasses, Op. Dr Arslan said, ‘Why do we buy sunglasses; We take it to protect against sun damage. The sun damages our skin in summer and also affects our eyes. It accelerates the formation of cataracts, pterygium disease, which is called eyeball, can occur in the white part of the eye, which we call the conjunctiva, and yellow bubbles can form in the eye. We should wear sunglasses to protect them. The main feature; These glasses are protected against the ultraviolet rays of the sun, unfortunately not every dark glass is protective. Manufacturers have their stamps there, it is necessary to look at the level of protection against ultraviolet rays, and we do not recommend buying it off the street. We recommend asking opticians about glasses with good properties and opting for glasses with UV protection. We do not recommend looking at the sun at all, some may look at it, it absorbs the harmful effects of the sun directly. If there is yellow spot disease, it accelerates the progression and deterioration of the patient. Such effects are seen in the long term.

There may be situations such as an increase in allergy symptoms as an immediate effect,” he said. “Let’s wear sunglasses and a hat,” Op. Dr. Gökhan Arslan continued his words as follows: “Let’s wear sunglasses, a hat , we are in allergy season. We’ll start entering the pools, let’s make sure it’s clean, conjunctivitis, adenovirus outbreaks can happen, let’s not get into the waters where we’re not sure the pools are clean. Of course, let’s pay more attention to children, treatment of conjunctivitis in adults. It’s easier. But it can also cause systemic diseases in children, so we have to be more careful and careful Let’s buy sunglasses from opticians and opticians The color that protects the eyes, they are large, the color that closes the eyes does not matter Yellow lenses, brown , black lenses we do not recommend It would be better. There are polarized glasses, and to whom we recommend them, we recommend them to people who drive, these glasses prevent the rays from reflecting off the hood and the glass. We don’t really recommend if the screen is not visible in vehicles with LED, electronic screens,” he said.

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