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Usually people get their first white hair when they are thirty. But sometimes the first gray hairs appear earlier than expected. Some people’s hair turns completely gray as they age, while other people have only a few strands and hair. Find out why some people turn white sooner than others and why you shouldn’t worry if it happens to you.

The reason why some people turn white earlier than others has to do with melanin. This is the pigment that gives your hair a specific color. And when you have less melanin, your hair turns gray sooner than people who have too much melanin. With gray hair, the amount of this pigment is reduced, with white hair it is completely devoid of melanin.

So, why does the amount of melanin in your hair decrease? As we age, the amount of stem cells that turn into melanin cells decreases. This means that your hair will gradually lose its melanin over time. The amount of melanin in your hair and the way your hair ages are related to your genes. So if your parents went gray at a young age, you probably did too.

Hair graying can be accelerated by an unbalanced diet. Processed foods, cold drinks and those who consume too much salt and sugar increase the risk of free radicals being produced in the body that can whiten their hair. Make sure you follow a healthy diet to prevent gray hair and keep your hair healthy.

If you suffer from chronic stress for a long time, you are more likely to have premature whitening. No matter how busy your family life is, how tired you are and how hard you work, stress will make your hair whiten faster. Stress has been linked to depletion of stem cells in hair follicles; in other words, if you are constantly stressed and self-blame, you are more likely to get gray hair.

Follicle bleaching can also be caused by iron deficiency, folic acid deficiency, vitamin D deficiency, and vitamin B12 deficiency. Premature graying of hair is associated with folic acid deficiency and low biotin levels.

White hair can be caused by oxidative stress. This happens when the number of free radicals exceeds the antioxidants. Antioxidants are necessary to fight free radicals, but if they are not enough, they lead to aging and many other health problems. Vitiligo is a condition caused by excessive oxidation. As a result, the hair follicles are destroyed and premature graying occurs.

Hair care products such as shampoos and conditioners can cause your hair to go gray prematurely because they contain chemicals that reduce your melanin production. Bleaching agents and hydrogen peroxide components in hair dyes can whiten hair with repeated use.

Smoking not only harms your health, but can also damage your hair. When you smoke, you dilate your blood vessels, reducing blood flow to your hair follicles. When cigarette smoke is inhaled, the toxins can damage hair follicles and cause gray hair faster than expected.

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