Don’t miss your table! The doctor who eats this does not see the face

You need a strong immune system to boost your body’s resistance and protect yourself from disease.

The easiest way to boost immunity is through a healthy and balanced diet.

You can boost your immunity by consuming foods rich in vitamins and minerals. What is the disease if you are not missing these nutrients from your cupboard? you do not know. We’ve put together foods that boost immunity for readers.


Parsley is rich in vitamin C. It protects the body against infections. Parsley also has an effect on removing edema from the body.

Whether in the form of parsley juice, in salads or at breakfast, don’t miss it to strengthen your immune system.

Eggs are a powerful source of protein. Your body needs proteins for cell proliferation and regeneration. When not enough protein is taken in, the immune system begins to weaken as tissue destruction begins.

Egg white is a rich source of protein. The yolk contains both iron and vitamin A, which is also a good antioxidant. You can strengthen your resistance by eating 1 boiled egg for breakfast every morning.

Spinach is a powerful antioxidant group containing vitamins A and C. Thanks to these vitamins, spinach strengthens immunity and protects the body against diseases.

Vitamin C in particular increases the use of vitamin A. For a strong immune system, make sure you eat spinach twice a week.

Yogurt is one of the foods that are a strong source of protein. It is also gut friendly and allows the digestive system to work easily.

The proliferation of beneficial bacteria in the body also prevents harmful bacteria from settling in the body. Probiotics may also be effective for conditions such as constipation and diarrhea. For strong immunity, you can eat 1 bowl of yogurt every day.


Vitamin C, which is very important to strengthen the immune system, is found in most foods.

Thanks to this type of pepper that you add to your meals, you can meet your daily requirement of vitamin C.

Sunflower seeds, which are a natural source of minerals such as selenium, phosphorus, magnesium and zinc, and vitamins B and E, are very beneficial for health. Vitamins B6 and E in sunflower seeds have an important place for the functions of the immune system. Sunflower seeds strengthen immunity and protect the body against diseases.

With the help of curcumin and rich minerals in turmeric, it helps prevent muscle damage. In addition, it is included in many supplements with its antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties.


Immune cells need vitamin A to fight germs. Vitamin A is abundant in milk, butter, cheese and eggs and liver. By consuming these foods, you can protect your body from diseases.

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