‘Don’t Put Off Your Eye Health For The Holidays’ Warning

Claiming that the new methods developed in laser treatments used in correcting eye defects in recent years have reduced the healing process to a few hours, Ophthalmology Specialist Assoc. Dr Kemal Özülken said: “Laser surgery, popularly referred to as ‘eye drawing’, is the treatment method we apply to persons with nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism who do not want to wear glasses. The first problem all patients worry about is how long it will take them to return to their daily lives after laser surgery or how long they will not be able to go into the sea or swimming pool. We argue that there is no harm in taking a holiday within 2-3 days to our patients, who we have suggested to go on holiday days, weeks or even months later, now that they are cured within hours.”


Assoc. states that correcting eye defects with laser treatment is a method that has been used for many years. Dr. Kemal Özülken said: “The No-Touch method has a slower healing process. It took at least 6 days for the patients to return to their daily lives. We have advised our patients not to go into the sea or swimming pool for at least 3 weeks. The LASIK treatment method is also a method that heals quickly, but we do not want our patients to go into the water for at least 10 days, as the preferred form has been slightly modified. With the latest treatment method from SMILE Professional, the process is shortened and the patient can resume his daily life within hours after the operation. With this method, our patients can make their vacation plans after a maximum of 3 days. With the development of technology, patients’ recovery times are reduced and people do not have to postpone their vacation plans for this reason. Our patients who undergo laser surgery before going on vacation can easily enjoy the sea thanks to the new treatment methods developed in eye surgery.


Saying that the SMILE Professional treatment method has been known since 2009, but has been used since 2020, says Assoc. Dr. Kemal Özülken said: “Few centers are using this method of treatment. As technology develops, patients’ healing process, comfort and post-operative pain or stinging gradually decrease. With the SMILE Professional method, the operation takes 9 seconds. We want the patient to look at a green light for 9 seconds without feeling any pressure or pain. After the patient’s procedure is over, we send him directly to his home, not to the bed. In other words, the patient has no rest period after surgery. It is normal to have a burning and stinging sensation for up to 2-3 hours after surgery. After that, the patient can comfortably continue his daily life. There is no way that this method will be applied to every patient. We have to go through a detailed examination process of the patient and check whether the eye structure is suitable for this. If everything is in order and there is no problem, patients can comfortably undergo their treatment and stop using their glasses and contact lenses. Our advice to our patients who wait until the summer period is over and postpone their surgery due to the holiday season will be able to get rid of their contact lenses or glasses easily by postponing their plans for just 3-4 days.

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